Why WordPress is Your Best Choice for CMS Website ?

Rumpa Naskar May 25, 2021 0 Comments
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Today talk to any website developer and I am sure he knows WordPress. That is because it is the most famous and easy CMS (content management system) to build any website, blog, or e-commerce website. It is a free and open-source platform written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. Nowadays many CMS apart from WordPress are available, some are free and some are paid. In this blog, we’ll know about WordPress, its functionalities, and know we can use this CMS to achieve business success.

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Why WordPress?

People choose WordPress because it helps in creating beautiful websites for showcasing your company portfolio, build your blog or sell products online using Woocommerce. WordPress has a backend from where the admin can change and add the content, design, etc., and a frontend from where the visitor can see your content.

Below are few examples of what type of websites you can build on this framework.

Blogging Website:

Blogging websites can be easily created within a few minutes. Bloggers can share their daily vlog, recipes, thoughts, photos, reviews, tutorials, and much more. Blogging website quickly shows as a content display in the search engine result.

E-commerce Website:

An eCommerce website is like an online store. You can sell your product or services anywhere in the world. You can showcase your product on your website. Customers visit your website, see details about the products and buy. The can even pay online through your own website.

If you have little experience working with CMS then knowing your way around Woocommerce will not be much of a challenge. But if you are someone who is not experienced in working with CMS then it is going to take some time before you can understand and start selling online. It is recommended that you outsource your designing and development tasks to an e-commerce website development agency so that you can be assured that you get quality work and your customers can get a seamless user experience in buying from your website.

Business Website:

Many companies these days rely on their website to generate leads for them. If a customer searches for any service or product that you sell, then the customer can find your website on Google and visit your website and submit their query about your service or product.

Here is the list of Top Website Design companies in Kolkata that can help you get an awesome Website that can start generating leads for you.

Portfolio website

Suppose you are a freelancer or a small business owner, you need a small website so that you can showcase your projects, artwork, handcraft, etc. It is fairly easy to do so on WordPress and shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days to complete the entire website.

Forum website

Forum websites are a very helpful place where users can ask any queries or questions and anyone can share their answers. Many big forum websites are made in WordPress.

Event website

If you are thinking to host an event then using WordPress can create a great website about your event and even sell your tickets online.

E-learning website

Through e-learning website, it’s easy to sell your courses. Students can choose the course and buy your courses online.

Benefits of Building Website On WordPress :

Few more reasons to choose WordPress are given below:


Today if you thinking to make a website for your business, then the first thing anybody checks is the cost. Innovination suggests that if you are worried about the cost then build your website on WordPress. It is very cost-effective and maintenance is also lot cheaper than other platforms

Huge library of Plugins

WordPress has a lot of free and paid plugins, they help you to easily manage and update your website. Most of the plugins are free, that’s why this is the best platform for small and startup businesses to build a website.  Some plugin names and there functionally given below.

  • Rank Math – Easy to optimize your website SEO.
  • Akismet – usually comes with the initial WordPress installation. For comment spam
  • WooCommerce – For e-commerce online store
  • LiveChat – Best live chat support software

Responsive Web Design

When you develop your website on WordPress you get a good responsive website. It’s automatically adjusted and looks good on all devices like desktop, tab, and mobile.

Website Security

We know none of the websites is 100% secured but WordPress security is better than another platform. The WordPress team continues working to improve their security site and try to completely secure their client website.

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