3 Steps to Boost Your SEO Growth

Website Audit

Website Audit is immensely necessary for every organization before optimizing their SEO. For this purpose, we use various kinds of tools to audit our websites for SEO. These include both free and paid tools. Some of them are as follows.

Paid Tools

Ahrefs.com: This tool is an all-in-one solution for all kinds of needs that revolve around website SEO auditing. It can help in auditing the content of the site and provide a detailed analysis on the performance of the site including competitor analysis, keyword analysis, relevance, etc. These highly useful features make it an amazing paid tool that is worth every penny of it.

Neilpatel.com: Despite being a paid tool, this site allows for the extensive analysis of any website, especially issues regarding links that are associated with the site. This tool is also amazing for tracking the traffic of the website. This makes this site one of the most advantageous tools ever.

SEMrush.com: This tool is one of the most widely used tools ever. Several individuals and organizations use it for tracking the performance of their websites. One of the prime advantages of using this tool is that it is great at providing recommendations regarding the SEO, advertising and marketing used by the site.

Moz.com: This tool is a one-stop for all forms of SEO requirements. However, it is especially helpful for tracking data in real-time and performing competitor analysis. Regardless, it also has other features that are immensely beneficial for assessing the performance of a site.

Free Tools

Google Analytics: This is one of the best free tools that can have several features. One of the key benefits of this tool is that it helps in understanding the performance of marketing and content of a website.

Google Search Console: Google provides several searches and analytical tools that can be immensely helpful for organizations. Several features can point out critical errors and provide resolutions for the same. The correction of these issues can instantly make any site more Google-friendly than it was before.

Seositecheckup.com: This tool is immensely helpful in checking the technical issues that may have been overlooked during the assessment of the website. The detailed portrayal of these issues can help improve the user experience and interface of the site.

What We See in Audit Report

The preparation of an audit report is not enough. The audit reports need to be well analyzed to point out the sectors that need improvement and changes. Given below are some sectors that are critically judged in an SEO audit report.

Technical Error: If some technical issues are existing in the website, those can harm your SEO health score, it needs to be solved immediately to get a good SEO result.

SEO Elements are Existing or Not: Several elements are necessary to be analyzed before conducting SEO optimization. Therefore, it is necessary to check if these elements are present or not and how well they are performing. Like Meta tags, interlinking, sitemap.xml file, Google analytics, search console tracking code, etc.

Indexing Issue: For every website that is available on the search engine, bots of the search engine crawl the website and understand the content of the same then these bots index them properly according to their relevance. Proper indexing can help websites rank better than others.

Canonical Issue: These issues help in revealing other websites that have similar URLs as that of the concerned site. These issues sometimes result in improper redirection leading to loss of traffic for the original website.

Ranking Check: A ranking check is referred to the current ranking of a site on a search engine. The reasons that have led to the current ranking of the site are analyzed in this check and the pitfalls are assessed.

DA Check: Also known as Domain Authority check, is one of the most important elements that are checked during the SEO analysis of a particular site. The Domain Authority of any site reveals how the particular site may show up on the search engine results page.

Global Ranking Check: proper analysis can help in improving the performance of a website proper analysis also includes checking the Global rank of a website before altering the current procedures.

Crawl Report: Several bots crawl websites and discover opportunities and threats by analyzing the URL, applications, CSS scripts, images, content, etc. The quality of the content on the website can help in the natural ranking of the site on search engines.

Website Loading Test: website loading test is one of the most important tests which analyses the SEO of a site. This is because the amount of time taken by a website to load will impact the user experience and the site with the fastest load time has an advantage over slow websites in terms of SEO. According to a recent survey, most people leave web pages that do not load within four seconds.

Mobile-Friendly or Not: It is important to understand that not all users access the internet through laptops or computers therefore it is important for websites to be mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website will have the same buttons but a different layout.

Structure Data Error: There exists a properly structured format that needs to be followed by all sites. This analysis helps in ensuring that there is no error in the overall data structure markup of the site.

Backlinks Profile Analysis: Backlinks are extremely important for a website. It provides credibility to the website. However, these backlinks need to be analyzed to understand other important features for example the quality of the linked sites, their relevance, etc.

Find and Fix Broken Links: Broken links are huge trouble for any website. Therefore it is necessary to periodically check these links and update or replace them for other websites as well.

Find Our Competitor: During SEO analysis competitors are referred to those sites that have some of the highest organic rankings and are using the top three keywords that are relevant to the concerned business.

Process of Keyword Research

Keywords are one of the most essential components of a website. However, there is a procedure in which keyword research is done. Conducting proper keyword research requires the use of tools. These are both paid and unpaid tools. Given below are some of them.

Paid Tools

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer: This is one of the best tools for conducting keyword research this unique tool can easily generate keywords according to the content of a particular website.

Keywordtool.io: This tool is one of the most beneficial tools that help in generating long-tail keywords for websites. These keywords are usually extremely relevant and can be optimized as well.

Moz Keyword Explorer: With the help of this tool one can easily discover some of the most valuable keywords for a website. These keywords are usually discovered after conducting extensive research in generating the competition and latest trends in the market.

SEMrush: Keyword planning is immensely easy with the help of this tool. It can aid in understanding the keyword density, search volume, keyword demand, and many other relevant parameters.

Free Tools

Google Trends: This tool can help in understanding how popular a particular keyword has been for a stipulated period. Moreover, it can also chart the popularity of the keyword according to its geographic location.

Google Search Console: With the help of this free tool, one can understand the performance of the website according to the amount of traffic generated by the same.

Google Keyword Planner: The extensive use of this tool can aid in the search for newer keywords Bid understands the relevance of the same according to the website.

How to do Keywords Research

Given below is a guided chart that can help in the process of keyword research.

  1. Collect Your Keywords and What Type of Service or Product You Sell: Before researching your keyword it is important to understand the kind of product or service that an organization is selling. A detailed assessment of the same can help in understanding the kind of keywords that the organization requires.
  2. Collect What Keywords Your Competitors Rank for: When it comes to keywords competitors are referred to those people who you are looking to acquire the same keyword. However, in reality, the two organizations may produce different products or services. For example ‘fresh cakes’ may be a keyword for both a baker and a firm that produces cake mix.
  3. Use Keyword Research Tools: Several paid and unpaid tools are available on the Internet that can be used to properly research the keywords that an organization is looking for.
  4. Study the Target Market: It is essential to study the target market before looking for keywords. The detailed study of the target group can help in better understanding which keywords to target to attain maximum output.
  5. Search Volume: With the help of this unique metric, one can understand the number of people that have a similar query. This can aid in understanding the amount of volume that is attracted by a particular topic. However, to reach the output of the analysis, certain parameters are noted. These are as follows.

Clicks: Search click can be simply known as the number of clicks that a certain keyword is receiving. For example “digital marketing”. The amount of clicks generated by the keyword is of more importance than the search volume of the keyword itself.

Traffic Potential: Before understanding traffic potential, it is necessary to chalk out certain parameters. These include the primary keyword and the realistic rankable position of a website. Traffic potential is then calculated by multiplying the search volume with the click-through rate of a keyword. The output is the total traffic potential.

Keyword Difficulty: This is the method to calculate the amount of difficulty a website would have to rank on the organic search results page on any search engine. This assessment can aid in locating the issues that the website might be going through.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Cost-Per-Click (CPC) refers to the amount of money paid by advertisers to search engines every time visitors click on their display advertisements that are attached to their websites.

Process of Content Optimization

What Tools do We Use for Content Optimization for SEO

Grammarly: This is one of the best tools to check the grammar and plagiarism of the content. By using this tool, the content of the website can be refined and optimized to attain a better rank on search engines.

Plagiarism Checker: There are numerous websites and content available on the internet. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the content of a particular website is not the same as that of another. These free tools are immensely beneficial for the same.

Google Search Console: This is yet another free tool that is a boon when it comes to tracking the performance of a website, concerning the amount of search engine traffic. With the help of this tool, newer keywords can be found and click-through rates can be arranged. This can help in chalking out more relevant keywords.

Process of content optimization

● Before any content is published on a website, it is important to check the grammar, spelling, plagiarism, etc of the content. It is important to ensure that the content of the website is relevant and clear as well. These can help in improving the quality of the content thereby improving chances of attaining a better organic rank.

● No website is complete without the presence of strong and relevant keywords. Therefore, it is important to add keywords to the content. Keywords play a key role in the ranking of the websites on the search engines results page.

● The presence of internal links on a website determines how authentic it is therefore it is important to ensure that the website has been interlinked. Interlinking refers to both backlinks and forward links.

● Checking the content of the website is not enough. It is important to check the number of words and characters on the website. By searching such intricate details can help in formulating better search engine optimization strategies.

● The quality of the website also depends on the kind of content that is present on it. Categorization of content is necessary. Therefore, it is important to check if the content has been formulated according to search engine optimization principles or not.

● Websites that create meaningful content gain more trust from the audience. This is why it is important to create content that is trustworthy and genuine.

● Match Intent helps in understanding the intention of a user and converts it into an expression that is to the best intent for example if the queries what is the weather right now match intent would withdraw two parameters out of it firstly the time and secondly the location.

● The assessment of all these parameters helps in determining the quality of the content. Then this content can be molded to improve the organic ranking of the website.

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Protect Your Website with a Handy Security Checklist

Do you feel that looking for your phone with sleepy eyes makes you just as weird as anyone else? Well, it doesn’t. Nowadays it has become an incredibly normal phenomenon. Honestly, this was not how life had been just a few decades ago. Since the birth of the internet, people have fallen head over heels in love with it. Its so many facilities have made it a necessity instead of a facility. 

The extensive use of the internet has led to digitalization. Thereby leading to the growth of digitalization in all walks of life. No matter if you want to sell online or want to portray your art through this platform, you can simply do it all. However, the first thing that an online presence requires is a platform. In the beginning phases, you may want to opt for a social media presence. However, in the long run, it is vital to have your very own and distinguished landing page or website. 

Since websites are immensely important to a business, they often fall prey to data leaks or hack. These unforeseen issues can cause huge losses to the enterprise. This is why it is important to maintain a security checklist for your website. Innovination, the best web design and development company is at your service. It provides some basic tips that can help to keep a check on the safety of your website. These are as follows.

Periodically Updating the Status of Your Software:

Softwares are ever-changing and updating. Since the software is the backbone of the website, it can help in improving the various features of the same. Therefore, it is necessary to keep updating them and keeping them at par with the current trends of the market. 

Using Secured Passwords and Frequently Changing Them:

The importance of having a robust password has been stressed time and again. Since passwords are the easiest to hack, it is important to frequently change your passwords. It is generally advisable to use a password that is a mix of special characters, numbers and alphabets in both lower and upper cases. 

Conducting Regular Backups:

Website backups can be your best friend especially in times of need. Regular backup of your website can help in a quick resolution to many of your issues such as broken pages. However, only a handful bunch of businesses conduct periodic backups. Innovination, one of the best website development company simply suggests you conduct backups regularly.

Acquiring a Sturdy Malware Detector:

When the health of your online presence is considered, malware can be your worst enemy. However, you need not worry at all. Numerous software is available such as Quitters, Astra Security, etc that can help you detect and resolve your malware issues.

Being Mindful about Specific Permissions:

Managing an entire website can sometimes become hectic. Therefore, it is a natural tendency to allow permissions to various software which sometimes becomes a hurdle to website security. To curb this, you can simply use a content management system (CMS) to better manage your content without putting your site’s security at stake. 

Acquire an SSL Certificate:

Innovination is the best web design company in Kolkata, highly recommends you to acquire an SSL certificate. Also known as Secure Sockets Layer, these certificates can contain sensitive data such as customer information, debit or credit card details, etc. They can immensely secure your website and help you safely store these details.

By using these simple tips, you can significantly improve your website performance and security. Thereby, shaking off all the legitimate worries with a soft blow.

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Top 5 B2B Digital Marketing Strategies Worth Following

Are you searching for the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata? Then you have come to the right place! If you listen to the term “B2B Digital Marketing”, you will soon think of outbound marketing and emails to potential customers you find. This still works but it is generally not the best way to attract customers. These technologies have a place in the marketing toolkit but we live in a world where things are constantly evolving. If you need to succeed in a B2B digital marketing strategy, you must adapt latest trends in the digital age. 

Research/Demographics Targeting

Every B2B digital marketing strategy has a goal. If you have trouble figuring out where to start, focus on a single customer group. When it comes to how users use your marketing content and how you reach people, Google Analytics is an amazing place. As a company with B2B target, you need to have an in-depth understanding of your products/services and how they can help other businesses. 

Have a User-Friendly Website

In today’s online market, it is very important to build a website for your own business. It is not just a beautiful face, it allows showing expertise, quality, and world solutions. Your B2B website may be the first point of contact for many customers. Is the content on the landing page written for your target audience? Are there important keywords? Is SEO optimized? Finding in search engines is an important step. Thus you can set up the best digital marketing company.

Strong SEO Tactics

As discussed above, your target audience must be able to find you. On-site SEO includes optimizing all the important metrics such as title tags, Meta description, keyword cannibalization, and more to improve website ranking such as commenting, broken link building, social bookmarking. As you carry on with all these activities consistently, you will get more traffic and search engines will begin to see your website as credible. This can also be improved by writing & posting quality articles on the website. Top SEO agency can provide you the best service. 

Social Media

You might overlook using social media as a part of your B2B digital marketing strategy. But an approximately 60% of the buyers check social media before purchasing something. So, if you have not set up a social media presence on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, it is high time to get started. You can also purchase social media starter packages as they will lighten your workload. 

PPC Campaigns

If you have a sufficient budget, you can use PPC for your B2B digital marketing strategy.SEO and content will help you get the results you need. However, if you want to see the results quickly, PPC campaigns are a good choice. PPC will open up amazing opportunities to help you attract the attention of your target audience, who may not have discovered your product or service. 

Innovination is the Best PPC agency  having expertise in B2B digital marketing. Get in touch with us to know how we can enhance your marketing strategy.

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Create Yourself a Content Calendar for All Your Content Needs

A content calendar is a form of document which consists of all types of content plans for an organization. These are usually developed for social media platforms, editorial teams, and blogs. A content calendar may be formulated in usual formats such as spreadsheets. However, many organizations also prefer using third-party applications. 

The Best SEO agency in Kolkata that can help you rid yourself of content issues. The creation of an easy and effective content calendar is a no-brainer with the aid of this firm. 

Creating a content calendar is extremely essential for any organization. Apart from keeping track of content plans, the content calendar is efficient with other jobs as well. With the Innovination you can simply glide through it. These are as follows.

Improves Coordination Between Teams: 

A content calendar keeps teams connected. This leads to constant communication and better coordination amongst teams. 

Increases Work Efficiency: 

Better communication leads to better output and therefore, increased efficiency and effectivity. Moreover, the tool allows teams to set deadlines and track productivity. 

Better Marketing Consistency: 

The use of the content calendar can help in keeping marketing across all platforms consistent. This helps in keeping the customers hooked to the firm.

Helps in Management: 

The content calendar helps in pre-planning activities. By doing so the teams can better allocate their resources. This can help them optimize their outcome whilst managing their resources.

Produces Better Content: 

Pre-planning is extremely beneficial as it can help in preparing better content. Moreover, content alterations can be carried out almost instantaneously. 

The preparation of a content calendar is quite easy. But there are a few specific things that each content calendar must include. Innovination is an digital marketing Agency that can help you better understand the attributes of a content calendar. 

Time Frame: 

Time frame is also known as the period. This defines how many days in advance the firm wants to plan. It may be quarterly, monthly, or yearly. However, if you want to effectively manage your content calendar, you should opt for monthly. 

Marketing Channels: 

This defines the channels of marketing adopted by the firm. These may include Social media platforms, print marketing, website content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC). By tracking all these platforms at once, the firm can maintain effective communication with its customers. 


Maintain consistency in content is easier when the research is consistent and relevant. Various tools can help you come up with newer and better topics. For instance, The Topic Research tool. 


Pre-planning can be an immense help when it comes to special events. These include special promotional events, holidays, and peak business periods. You can help your teams produce content in advance so that others can update even during holidays. 


To keep your audience hooked, you need to have a specific content schedule. However, it is essential to not overburden your audience with content. Therefore, you should schedule your content accordingly. 

By formulating an effective content calendar, Innovination can provide you with the Best SEO Services for all your business needs. 

There are various phrases regarding time. One of the most common ones being “things happen on their own time”. Well, that is extremely evident even in the case of business. According to a renowned study, the social media usage patterns of a large number of people were conducted. The results depicted a noteworthy outcome. It showed that the number of people on Facebook during a specific time of day was less than that of Instagram. Therefore, the different times for different platforms have been chalked out. 

● Facebook between 1 pm to 2 pm

● Instagram between 8 am to 2 pm

● Twitter between 2 pm to 10 pm

● LinkedIn between 10 am to 11 am

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Five Changes to Your Website That Can Help in Attracting More Customers

Websites are also known as the landing page is the first stop for your audience. The website of a company is the first impression of the company on its potential customers. Therefore you need to create a website that can leave a lasting impression on the minds of your consumers. Every good quality website must possess a few qualities. These are as follows.

Well Implementation of SEO:

Before you launch your website, you must have a clear and well-drafted SEO strategy. The proper implementation of SEO can have a huge impact on your website and the amount of traffic it pulls. Therefore make sure to develop content that can organically improve your website’s ranking on various search engines. Innovination is the best SEO agency that can help you do the same.

Should Contain Enough Calls to Action:

It is a prerequisite for each website to contain clear calls to action. Websites with clear calls to action can have a positive impact on the minds of the audience. Make sure to apply clear calls to action for specific events only and not for everything. Too many calls can be confusing for your audience. For example, if you want your audience to sign up for a newsletter, add a call to action for that section only. You may update the call to action and apply it elsewhere in future.

Must have Dedicated Buttons for Social Media Platforms:

We are all eager to research more about something we are interested in. However, if the research procedure is made easier, it creates a higher possibility to explore the same. Therefore it is extremely important to provide distinct buttons on your website. Availability of such features can distinctly improve consumer usability and give your website a tidier look. You no longer need to worry about website development when you have Innovination by your side.

Keep it Updated:

Constant updating of websites is a must. Since it is the first place where you can interact with your clients, it is important to make it a space that contains clear, relevant and latest information about the company. Moreover, you will need to constantly add the contact information such as email addresses, etc of people with whom your potential clients can interact.

Visual Appearance is Key:

 Nobody likes to go through long pieces of information. It can often become boring and annoying. This is why it is essential to add visually appealing elements. For example, you can add different colours to different buttons on your website. You may also add interesting pictures or pop-ups to accentuate the look of your website. Innovination is the best digital marketing agency that can do this for you with ease.

In the online world, it is essential to stand out. But to make a difference, you need to apply numerous different features. These can make a lot of difference to the mindset of your consumers.

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Impact of Online Reviews Upon Your SEO

The development of the internet and social media platforms have made people take to it like moths to a flame! This has gradually increased the need to have a digital presence.

The world of the internet lives off of attention. Reviews are an effective tool on the social media platform. According to research, about 97 percent of people look up online reviews for practically all forms of businesses. This is one of the reasons that has led to the development of online marketing.

A best digital marketing company can provide you will long term solutions that can spice up your SEO strategies. The company is adept with SEO strategies that can help you get your business as many pairs of eyes as you want to. This is why, Innovination is known as the best SEO agency in Kolkata by their niche.

However, the power of online reviews and SEO can only be optimised by merging their effects. This is why you need to apply both strategies at once. Nevertheless, the following points will aid in showing why.

Online Reviews are Essential for Local SEO

The key to a business’s growth is by ranking higher on the local SEO. This is because by ranking higher on the local SEO your business would receive increased local visibility.

There are three components on which local SEO ranking is based. These include distance, relevance and dominance. However, it can be altered with the help of content. Tools like Google’s Local Pack can aid in the maintenance of such statistics in order to optimize content.

Knowledge Panel can Easily Aid in Creating an Impression

Since reviews have become an extensively used tool, search engines such as Google have taken a step towards optimizing it. Nowadays, anyone can find your business on Google. They can also find reviews of your business and refer to your business’s presence on Yellow pages and Facebook. After this, your audience will simply be able to check out your knowledge panel on Google.

Knowledge panels usually appear alongside search results for any individual, business, etc. These panels generated by Google aid in providing information from Google business listings and other relevant sites. Along with name, address, contact information, and business hours the panel also provides a direct link to your business’s website. Furthermore it has a review section that consists of a culmination of reviews of your business on various sites.

Boost Your Click-Through Rate by Using Rich Snippets

The knowledge panel generally displays the star reviews only when local audiences rate your brand and your business has a higher local rating due to the aid of Local Pack. However, how will that help you to improve your organic search results? Well, the answer is simple. Rich snippets!

Rich snippets is a tool that allows you to showcase other components on a search engine for example prices, star reviews and images. To maintain your height on the local search result list, you need to insert attractive elements. Display of colorful stars, for instance, can significantly increase your click through rate.

Your Business Information is Leitimised by Online Reviews

You might be aware of the fact that search engines acquire data from other websites to ensure their genuinity and legitimacy. This information is beneficial for your brand in the long run. However, this information too is in the form of reviews. This is because search engines like Google usually crawl on review and listing sites such as Yellow pages, Product review and Yelp.

To optimize the results of your SEO content, you need to produce consistent and correct information across all the websites. Especially the basic details such as address, name, contact details, etc. Moreover you also need to set up your Google My Business account and feed in all the information there as well. These are known as citation signals and are essential for local SEO rankings.

These things sounding a little too confusing? Well, Innovination, the top digital marketing agency in Kolkata is here to your aid.

Online Reviews are a Form of Content

Content is an essential part of SEO and so is content marketing. About 60 percent of marketers believe in developing new content on a daily basis. User-generated reviews count as content too. You can also use these natural reviews in your social media platform posts, articles, vlogs and more. All such strategies can significantly improve your SEO and up your game. With the top seo company in kolkata, you can easily boost your returns by using effective  SEO.

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How to Make Your Business Website Interactive for Users

With the increasing popularity of digital marketing, a well-designed business website has become an indispensable marketing tool. The existence of n active and updated business website confirms the digital presence, without which you cannot thrive well in the current age. A business website is a collective combination of a television commercial, billboard as well as storefront.  Making it more interactive for the users will make your website design more lively and palpable.

Need for Interactivity

Studies have revealed that with proper execution, visually interactive content can reach up to a stunning seventy per cent conversion rate. Interactive content holds a unique position for the current-gen audiences. It helps them to discover the information they seek in the most user-friendly manner. Trends reveal that the most populous generation of the time, Generation Z, place a significant premium on authenticity.

Content will miss the target of reaching out to the audiences if it misses a personal touch. Personalization is one of the basic pillars of successful content. Mortgage calculators, quizzes are some of the key elements of making the site more interactive for the users. It offers user-centric responses. Hyperlinked data, graphs and maps allow them to retrieve information relevant to his/her personal needs. It must ensure answering all the associated queries.

Interactive Calculators and Quizzes

Visually interactive quizzes, featuring catchy images and other illustrations is one of the most effective tools of personalized content. Any prank gaming quiz will also succeed in this regard even if it tells, who you were at your last birth. The content of personalization plays a key role, making the users truly believe the results of the quiz. If you can present a quiz that allows the user to say which kind of products suit their purposes well during a particular ob, you can well-understand their requirements and proceed accordingly.

Interactive calculators serve similar purposes. These become highly useful for calculating loan calculations, interest rate, etc.

Interactive Data Visualizations

An interactive infographic is an effective tool to increase organic traffic leading to conversion. It proves to be highly advantageous for the users. But, you have to make sure that these infographics are limited in number with short, crisp and highlighting contents. Multiple infographics or a single, tediously long infographic will fail your target.

Motion Graphics and Videos

Trends reveal that motion graphics and home page videos hold at least eighty-two per cent of the entire internet drive. Any brand website must contain a minimum of one motion graphic for capturing the audience attention. The home page videos are also helpful for engaging the target audiences.

Some other examples of interactive content include organizing poles, keeping the content user-friendly with relevant backlinks, engagement invitation, promises of rewards, asking for user experiences and feedbacks. You have to keep your content fresh and lively to keep pace with the current trends.

Advantages of Interactive Content

Engaging content is currently the easiest way to connect with your target audiences. It helps you to improve the overall position of your website. The more user-friendly it is, the better chances of success it carries. Some of the most highlighting advantages of interactive4 content include:

  • Better connectivity with the audiences
  • Enhanced personalization of your website
  • Reduction in bonus rate
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Encouraging the audiences
  • Boosting the conversion rates
  • Associating premium and relevant backlinks

Without proper audience connectivity, no business can succeed. The language of this connectivity changes with time. It has evolved to go digital during the current times. You have to primarily analyse the audience needs for reaching them. Then you can strategically plan accordingly for prosperity.

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Using Audience Trends for Creating Meaningful Content

In this current digital era, the usage of the internet is reaching new heights with every passing day. The influencer and impact of the internet cannot be denied now. It has become an indispensable tool for business and marketing.

One thing that needs to be mentioned here that the majority of the internet is based on content. An average internet user’s attention span is not more than a few seconds. Therefore, you can well understand the degree of competition that exists here. You aim to catch the attention of your target audience through attractive content presentation within those few seconds. You can succeed here only if your content is eye-catching and meaningful at the same time.

Importance of Meaningful Content

A prominent and effective digital presence happens when you successfully deliver all the relevant information that your target audience seeks. If there develops a gap between your delivery and the needs of your target audience, problems begin to arise. Many well-planned content strategies are bound to fail if they fail to satisfy the audience’s demands.

You have to ensure that such content creation that will establish an emotional relationship between you and your user. The content will bridge the gap between your business and your target audience.

Reason for Choosing Your Site

You have to critically analyze the reason why people will land on your site. Careful and strategic keyword research proves to be a highly effective practice that improves organic traffic to a considerable extent. Google Analytics is highly helpful in this regard. It provides you with accurate insight into the queries of your target audience.

Transform Keywords to Topics

Once you get hold of the most functional keywords, you can transform them into content topics for enhanced website traffic. Search Statistics and Ahrefs are also efficient SEO tools that affirmatively affect the content experience. Social media platforms also effectively analyze the search trends of the audiences. It helps you to discover the public discourse better.

Beat Your Competitors

Once you can locate the needful of the target audiences, you can discover the organic trends easily. You can analyze the content strategies followed by your competitors and improvise them accordingly to suit your needs best. Ahrefs can perform the content gap analysis well and allow you to alter the content on the concerned topic.

Long Term and Short Term

You have to be carefully proactive to keep pace with the changing organic space. You cannot afford to stop once you reach your target audience. You have to maintain the position in the long run. This needs continuous additions, alterations, and improvisations. The organic trend is a volatile area and you have to be fluid enough to match the speed. You have to keep creating strategic content depending on the contemporary trend.

Be Meaningful

Whatever content you are creating, you have to ensure that it remains useful to the user(s). If the meaning is lost, your reason for content creation fails. You have to view the situation from the user’s perspective to understand which information will suffice the user queries. Your target for brand promotion will ultimately fail if your content is not user-friendly.

Recognize the Most Effective

Not all strategies are equally suitable for all. Based on audience search analyses, you can understand the trends and develop your organic content accordingly. The Analytics data will reveal the audience’s reaction after you have added or altered any content.

The process of content creation is ever-changing and keeps developing depending on the trends. You have to ascertain the contemporary trends well and develop your creative corner for creating user-friendly meaningful content. 

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Why WordPress is Your Best Choice for CMS Website ?

Today talk to any website developer and I am sure he knows WordPress. That is because it is the most famous and easy CMS (content management system) to build any website, blog, or e-commerce website. It is a free and open-source platform written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. Nowadays many CMS apart from WordPress are available, some are free and some are paid. In this blog, we’ll know about WordPress, its functionalities, and know we can use this CMS to achieve business success.

Why WordPress?

People choose WordPress because it helps in creating beautiful websites for showcasing your company portfolio, build your blog or sell products online using Woocommerce. WordPress has a backend from where the admin can change and add the content, design, etc., and a frontend from where the visitor can see your content.

Below are few examples of what type of websites you can build on this framework.

Blogging Website:

Blogging websites can be easily created within a few minutes. Bloggers can share their daily vlog, recipes, thoughts, photos, reviews, tutorials, and much more. Blogging website quickly shows as a content display in the search engine result.

E-commerce Website:

An eCommerce website is like an online store. You can sell your product or services anywhere in the world. You can showcase your product on your website. Customers visit your website, see details about the products and buy. The can even pay online through your own website.

If you have little experience working with CMS then knowing your way around Woocommerce will not be much of a challenge. But if you are someone who is not experienced in working with CMS then it is going to take some time before you can understand and start selling online. It is recommended that you outsource your designing and development tasks to an e-commerce website development agency so that you can be assured that you get quality work and your customers can get a seamless user experience in buying from your website.

Business Website:

Many companies these days rely on their website to generate leads for them. If a customer searches for any service or product that you sell, then the customer can find your website on Google and visit your website and submit their query about your service or product.

Here is the list of Top Website Design companies in Kolkata that can help you get an awesome Website that can start generating leads for you.

Portfolio website

Suppose you are a freelancer or a small business owner, you need a small website so that you can showcase your projects, artwork, handcraft, etc. It is fairly easy to do so on WordPress and shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days to complete the entire website.

Forum website

Forum websites are a very helpful place where users can ask any queries or questions and anyone can share their answers. Many big forum websites are made in WordPress.

Event website

If you are thinking to host an event then using WordPress can create a great website about your event and even sell your tickets online.

E-learning website

Through e-learning website, it’s easy to sell your courses. Students can choose the course and buy your courses online.

Benefits of Building Website On WordPress :

Few more reasons to choose WordPress are given below:


Today if you thinking to make a website for your business, then the first thing anybody checks is the cost. Innovination suggests that if you are worried about the cost then build your website on WordPress. It is very cost-effective and maintenance is also lot cheaper than other platforms

Huge library of Plugins

WordPress has a lot of free and paid plugins, they help you to easily manage and update your website. Most of the plugins are free, that’s why this is the best platform for small and startup businesses to build a website.  Some plugin names and there functionally given below.

  • Rank Math – Easy to optimize your website SEO.
  • Akismet – usually comes with the initial WordPress installation. For comment spam
  • WooCommerce – For e-commerce online store
  • LiveChat – Best live chat support software

Responsive Web Design

When you develop your website on WordPress you get a good responsive website. It’s automatically adjusted and looks good on all devices like desktop, tab, and mobile.

Website Security

We know none of the websites is 100% secured but WordPress security is better than another platform. The WordPress team continues working to improve their security site and try to completely secure their client website.

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Top 5 Website Design Company in Kolkata

When you think about spreading your business globally within a short period, then one of the first things that come to your mind is Branding. For branding, you need to create a website for your business as it is the face of your business online. Most of the people these days check out the website of a company before they decide if they want to do business with you. You and your employees can help your client 24*7 through the website chat for free. But you need to design a catchy and user-friendly website that any user can access on their mobile or desktop. You need to do attract the customer to your website, build trust with them so that they feel confident in buying your product or services.

To achieve the above goal, you need to find the best website design and development company that understands your business and makes a website that uplifts your brand keeping in mind your target audience. Kolkata has lots of website design agencies but you need to choose one of them. But you don’t know which one is the best and suits you the most, don’t worry we can help you find them. Here are some top agencies; you can choose the best one as per your requirement

Top Web Design Company in Kolkata


WEBSYS is a Kolkata based IT agency having its main focus on client servicing through knowledge-based solutions. They provide IT solutions including Mobile Apps Development and Web Development.

Contact Details:

Website:   www.websys.co.in

Email id: [email protected]

Ph Number: +91 7003 750 183 / 9831157136

Address: 5/1c , Deshapriya Park East Kolkata 700029 West Bengal, IN(India)


Innovination is a high quality, cost-efficient full-stack Web design and development company having global clientele with specialization in Website Development, E-commerce Website and Mobile App Development, & Digital Marketing services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Ads on Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, etc. for your business.

They are one of the top agencies in Kolkata providing all-around services so that you get all the solutions under a single roof. You get complete transparency in your work through the company’s CRM from where you can track the progress of your work. They design websites to match your business requirements and take your business to the next level by making dynamic, responsive, and marketing-ready websites. They use technologies like WordPress, Laravel, Angular, PHP, etc. for web development services.

Contact Details:

Website: www.innovination.com

Email id: [email protected]

Ph Number: +91 9903842429

Address: 281, SK Deb Rd, Block E, Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700048


Next Screen Infotech is a leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata. Established in 2010, the company has been working aggressively in digital marketing and web designing services.

With a team of brilliant web designers, we at Next Screen aim to help to promote the business of our customers through digital means

Contact Details:

Website: www.nextscreen.in

Email id: [email protected]

Ph Number: +91-9874232797/9804424048

Address: 210B/1B Kali Charan Ghosh Road, Kolkata – 700050 West Bengal, India


Intlum Technology provides result-driven web and e-Commerce solutions for the clientele in a global range.

We eye on ROI (Return On Investment) and that is the reason we craft websites that work for your business to bring your business the maximum return in the quickest time. In providing you the maximum ROI, Experience, Professionalism, and Skill are the three basic things we rely on

Contact Details:

Website: www.intlum.com

Email id: [email protected]

Ph Number: +91- 9007206290/8961635454

Address: 107, Rabindra Sarani Bye Ln, Durga Nagar, North Dum Dum, Kolkata


Purpleno is a leading Website Designing Company in Kolkata that has been in business for the last 9 years. From sort of business, which may be big or small, it needs a website to promote their product or services globally through internet. Professional website design and intended branding will help you to promote your product the next level and give you more clients from the internet. The affordable website designing cost makes us one of the highest website development company in Kolkata. We have the best designs among others in website designing in Kolkata we designed lots of websites all over India. Our clients are mostly through online and reach us with high expectation as we give them high-quality websites. We make a Smart and optimized website using the latest technology. Website Designing in Kolkata is not only in the state also all over the world globally.

Contact Details:

Website: purpleno.in

Email id: [email protected]

Ph Number: +91-9331333533

Address: 65, Ratan Sarkar Garden Street, Kolkata, W. Bengal, INDIA, 700007

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