Things to Keep in Mind While Redesigning the eCommerce Website

eCommerce businesses should be aware of the impact of the website’s designs. They need to upgrade them according to the latest trend. Thus, it will help in attracting a huge crowd.

To meet the requirements of your online visitors, Magento eCommerce is the best platform. Its features are compelling and have great flexibility. This e-business delivers the greatest marketing benefits, search engine optimization services, and catalog-management devices. Using these elements, a web developer can devise the look and functions of the websites.

So, if planning to redesign your websites, you visited the right article. Here, we are suggesting a few tips to consider while redesigning your website.

8 Tips to Consider while Redesigning the eCommerce Website

Think According to Customer’s Perspectives

Web designers need to act like an audience if they want the real web audience to connect with their designs. There are some things a buyer would want such as-a site that is easy to operate, a well-developed design that makes the shopping untroubled, effortless, and precise. Therefore, if a developer wants their business to be successful, they should provide them with these services.

When you are about to begin the redesigning process, first put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Start questioning what kind of structure or arrangement is going to be the most comfortable for a visitor to operate the site? In which ways can you manage the products that make sense for the clients? What can be done for the simplification of the checkout method?

Thus, answering the questions to yourself will help in predicting the things that a buyer would want from your store. As a result, you can accordingly design the website to meet their needs.

Accurate Description and Display of Products

The goal of eCommerce sites is marketing. Hence, highlighting the products is the right way to sell them. You should use high-quality images to gain the attention of the buyers. Greater the pictures, the larger the attention. The benefit of displaying such images is that the visitor can look at how a picture of a product actually is.

Select a design that highlights the products on every page for better accessibility. It can save the time of people and make the purchase easy. In addition, the shortage of details about the products can make the buyers exit the website and run to another one.

Moreover, putting the wrong patterns, sizes, and colors can make a poor impression and result in the loss of valuable buyers. Therefore, a designer should represent the products accurately.

Take an example of a brick-and-mortar business, where a customer can see only the physical appearance of the product. For making the purchase easy, a web creator should provide the best development services for a site in a way that the customer can be delivered with the information about the product exactly what they want. That is size, color, width, weight, quality (for grocery items), fit (for clothes), and other details that a customer wants to know.

Thus, meeting the requirements of the customers makes them buy the products from your store.

Shipping Prices

People like those websites the most that offer free or low-price shipping. When a customer does online shopping, they frequently get upset with the shipping prices.

Likewise, a customer used to buy certain branded clothes from a particular site. For buying them, a website asks for a high shipping price which makes a consumer think that they could have brought these items from a regular shopping store.

However, offering low-price shipping, makes a buyer think to pay a little more money for shipping so that they can stay at home. Most importantly, it saves the time of a customer.

Match Your Designs with Selling Products

Compatibility is the key factor to success in any business. The complete look of your store depends on the consistency of the products with the designs. When a web designer is redesigning, ensure the pictures, coloring techniques, and texts everything perfectly portrays a website.

For example, a website is selling playthings for kids, therefore, the designs should appear joyful, animated, fun, and bright. On the other hand, if you are marketing some appliances, they must look trendy and tech-savvy.

Devise a Shopping Bag

The shopping bag is the most extraordinary part of any website. Many designers do not look out for this matter. This feature can allow a customer to add multiple products, change the order, and dismiss the products smoothly. It eases the customer’s way of shopping as adding a product can make them buy that particular item after a few days or weeks.

Also, if a person finds that they want another item instead of what they order, a buyer can cancel the order and select the other one from the cart. In addition, a web designer needs to ensure that a shopping bag shows the images of items clearly, a review box, and a suitable search bar.

Mode of Payment Options

Nowadays, people usually use Paytm, Gpay, and Phonepe for transactions as these are easy to operate through mobile phones. Many e-marketing sites let a client do a payment using only a Visa or Mastercard. This creates a problem while doing online shopping. Therefore, a web designer needs to pay attention to providing various modes to meet the preferences of the buyers. Thus, in this way, many customers can be served.

Consequently, taking into consideration a customer’s way of payment, a web developer can enhance their excitement for shopping. As a result, it eventually extends sales of products.

Social Reviews

Reviews are the best consideration to trust any site or store. People will have faith only if a website has proof that some customers have purchased their products. A web developer should design a review box and ask them to put their thoughts about a product on that.

Moreover, they can make the reviewing easy by developing a section on the product page. Also, a customer can directly post their reviews after a final payment process of an order. Thus, it helps in building trust in a site.

Easy Checkout Procedure

The last step of online shopping is checking out of a site. By allowing easy and quick modes of transaction, a web creator has to make sure a smooth checkout process too. The easier the pay-up procedure becomes, the more encouragement a buyer gets to purchase again.

Therefore, a developer should not make a several-page process for checking out of the site. Probably, make it a one-page approach. Consequently, it eases the whole shopping procedure.


Websites need to meet the requirements of the customers so that they can gain high traffic from buyers. For this, web developers have to design a site considering Magento eCommerce development services to make it easy for them to find the products. A customer can choose the items by seeing the pictures and descriptions of them.

They should also assure a reasonable shipping price so that a person can buy more and more items. Lastly, there must be an easy payment and checkout process. Thus, a web designer needs to consider a few tips before designing a site.

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A Different Aspect of Technical SEO for Digital Marketing

As a website owner, you would want your website content to reach people smoothly. We are all well aware of how important content and SEO are to each other. With the help of an SEO agency or an SEO company, you can increase the outreach of your business website in search engine result pages (SERPs).

What is Technical SEO?

The concept of technical SEO is not that different from regular SEO. But it focuses on the technical part of the website to improve the chances of its rank increment in search engine pages. Technical SEO is pillared on making a website work and load faster, making it easier to crawl and comprehensible for various search engines.

Overall, any digital marketing agency incorporates technical SEO as part of the on-page SEO optimization that solely focuses on improving website features for better engine rankings.

What are the Features of a Website that Uses Technical SEO?

Loading the Page is Quick-

In today’s world, web pages must load quickly. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for a website to load because you’re impatient. People will leave your website frustrated if it is too slow, and you will lose out on all of that traffic.

Technically optimizing your website will help load it quicker than before.

Almost No Dead Links-

It’s infuriating when a website takes forever to load. Visitors may find it much more frustrating than a delayed page to land on a page that does not exist. Your site visitors will see a “404” error page if they click on a link that links to a non-existent page. Your meticulously planned user experience has been ruined!

When you move or delete a page, you must redirect the URL in order to avoid creating dead links. Redirecting to a new page that replaced the previous one is ideal.

Search Engines are Not Confused with Duplicate Pages/Content-

Search engines may become confused if the same material appears on many pages of your site or even on other sites.

An answer to this problem can be found in technical SEO. It’s possible to tell search engines the original page using the canonical link element.

Easily crawlable for search engines- Your website is crawled by robots for search engines to use in their algorithms. To find new information on your site, the robots use links. If you have a good internal linking structure, your visitors will know your most significant material.

Should Websites Be Technically Optimised?

You need a website that works properly for your customers first and foremost. Fortunately, building a strong technical basis typically results in a better user experience and better search engine rankings.

By working on technically optimizing your website, you are indirectly working on making it work better in the long term. To reap the high-ranking benefits of a good technical SEO for your website, you can sign up with an SEO company, an SEO agency, or even a digital marketing agency.


Innovination is one such digital marketing agency in Kolkata that can be described as the top SEO company in Kolkata because of its significantly impressive SEO services. So, get on to contact the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, Innovation, to give your website a boost.

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Best Tools for Keyword Research in 2022

Keywords Research Tools

The keyword research tool aims to search trending keywords that users are looking at on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. With the help of popular keywords, content ideas can be generated that appeal to the masses. Hence, you can plan and create content on trending keywords and generate organic traffic to improve the visitors’ engagement. With the help of WordPress Seo Services, you can do effective keyword research. Many good tools are available in the market for keyword research. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones that you can use in 2022.

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Top Tools for Keyword Research in 2022


SEMrush is one of the easiest tools for bloggers. Unlike a regular tool, it lets you perform the research in various ways. For instance, you can find keywords using seed keywords or find the ones that the competitors are using. One of its main specialties is to fetch keywords with the help of any URL. Therefore, you can take the URL from the competitors’ websites and see their top-ranking keywords.

In addition, SEMrush provides another feature that shows related keywords and, keyword variations. Furthermore, it offers other utilities like keyword manager, backlink analysis, etc. In conclusion, it is a simple-to-use tool with high functionalities.

Answer the Public

It is a free keyword research tool, especially suitable for beginners because no account creation is required to use it. Additionally, Answer The Public is different from other options as it represents the keywords in an appealing visual format. In addition, the user can also download them in a list format as a CSV file.

Furthermore, it allows us to search the keywords in different formats like questions, prepositions, etc. The results provided by this tool are based on the auto-complete feature offered by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The free version of the tool allows two keyword searches per day. However, one can buy the premium plan to remove this restriction.



Source: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a useful tool for keyword research. You can type the topic in its search bar and get relevant keyword ideas. In addition, it provides us with details about the “keyword difficulty”. That means how difficult a keyword is, in terms of getting the clicks. For instance, many keywords have a large amount of traffic but do not get clicks in the same proportion.

The reason is the users get the search results directly from the search engine’s interface. Hence, users don’t click on other results. For example, “birth date of any famous personality”. Furthermore, it provides other useful features like PPC keywords for Adwords, backlink analysis, SEO site audit, and many more.

Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner offered by Google is one of the most used tools in the market. Although it is designed for advertisers to run their ads on Google, it is a good tool for SEO as well. It is available free of cost. To access it, the user needs an AdWords account that can be created for free.

The users can type the desired keyword at the planner’s interface, and get the approximate data about its monthly searches, competition, etc. In addition, one can download the keyword list. However, you can’t analyze the keyword’s performance on other search engines because it only provides Google’s data.

Keyword Surfer

Untitled 1

Source: Keyword Surfer

It is a chrome extension that allows us to see the keyword CPC and volume, on the search engine results page (SERP). This free extension is offered by Surfer SEO, a tool for content optimization. Like the “Answer The Public” tool, this one also uses Google’s autocomplete feature to analyze trending search queries.

With its help, you can track the related keywords as well as the monthly traffic volume. In addition, a keyword list can be easily created for the project. Furthermore, the extension provides keyword ideas based on the previous search to discover better keywords that divert more traffic. In conclusion, the tool provides good utility for content marketing.


The tool provides you with the top Google results, for the provided keywords. Additionally, the tool has a dedicated section that shows the web pages; that acquire top 10 rankings for the keyword. In addition, it also provides details like referring domains, page ranking, backlinks, etc. Moreover, it provides us with details about the visibility of our competitors. If the visibility is high, the competitors are receiving more visitors and, vice-versa.

The unique functionality of this tool is you can see the advertisement activity of other domains. For instance, it can be examined which competitors are running ads for the same target keyword that you are using. Furthermore, the tool even provides information about the type of advertisements the competitors are running.


SpyFu is another good SEO optimization tool, especially useful to beat the competition in a niche domain. It examines the competitors’ keywords and ads, that generated the most traffic. Moreover, the tool collects the previous data with the help of which you can see the fall and rise in the rankings of competitors’ keywords.

In addition, you can examine the same data for your site and, compare it with any other website in the market. It doesn’t require a login for checking a single URL. However, having an account is mandatory to check multiple URLs. In conclusion, SpyFu is a good tool to examine the competition and to discover new marketing areas.


The above is the best keyword research tools for 2022. You can pick the suitable one according to the requirements. For instance, if you are looking for a free tool, Google Trends and Answer The Public are good options. Whereas, to analyze the performance of the competitors, SpyFu is the suitable one. Moreover, with the help of these tools, you can check the performance and average click-through rate (CTR) for your listing. In addition, the changes can be made to the content, to boost CTR and improve the keyword rankings.

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How to Optimize Your Website Content for SEO?

You have understood and realized in the past months that your business needs a website because your brand needs a digital presence. And you also come to realize gradually that you can leverage this website to drive sales and grow your business online.

Having a professional-looking website helps – but unfortunately, it is not everything to rank you higher or drive your sales.

For you to rank higher on a search engine, all the contents on your website must be SEO optimized. And therefore, here are some of the ways on how to optimize your website content.

Analyze the Data

Your website will give you various details and data which you can gather and make sense of to further optimize your website. For example, if many people read a blog or article on your site, and leave before finishing the first paragraph or just skim over it, then there must be something wrong with the writing. It could be irrelevant information, wrong grammar, false information, or just bland writing. Finding out the reason will help you take action, and eventually, help in boosting that part of your website.

Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important for SEO campaigns and optimizations as a whole. But researching for keywords is not the end of your campaign, and so is not inserting them in a blog post. For your keyword research to work along with the content, you need to figure out what a user intends to find or what they mean to read when they are searching for that keyword.

A lot of websites or free SEO tools will help you in keyword research, where you can find the top-ranked keywords and least ranked. Depending on your strategy, both types can be valuable for you.

Focus on On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is also considered as a technical SEO, where you have to optimize the contents like headings, subheadings, ULR, slugs, meta tags, etc. You can use your primary keywords in headings or subheadings, or even one in slugs. But here it is important to remember to not do keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is an act of adding too many keywords or keywords irrelevant to the context of the content or text.

Produce Valuable Content

If you are writing blogs and articles, length is one of the important factors. But you cannot write 2000 long articles and provide no valuable material to your readers. An ideal content is SEO optimized, easy to read but standard language is structured properly using relevant headings and subheadings, and keywords used at most appropriate places. The content must also provide quality information to the readers.


Are you looking for an SEO agency that will help you in website optimization? Innovation is a top SEO company in Kolkata that helps in various digital marketing aspects along with both on-page and off-page optimization of your existing website.

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The Importance of Keywords Research in SEO

It might be surprising to some people how everything they search on the internet comes up with relevant results, and for some, it is an everyday job to ensure that whatever their audience is looking for, the internet provides relevant answers or results. Any digital marketing agency will tell you that before starting an SEO campaign, researching keywords becomes the topmost priority.

Let’s See Why Keywords Research is Important in an SEO Campaign

Know Your Audience

You run a business, and it has grown over the years. But it’s not just your business that has been growing. Your audience has grown over the years also, and your requirements and tastes.

Keyword research gives you an idea of what your audiences of potential customers are looking for from your niche market. For example, years ago, a beauty enthusiast might not have been looking for the benefits and uses of niacinamide on the skin, but today they want to know how to add this ingredient to the skin.

You might be failing to stay updated and think your audience is still searching for the same old, same old, but with keyword research, you’d know the accurate details.

To Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Website

Using blogs where you can incorporate keywords is one of the greatest ways to drive relevant and organic traffic to your website. Having organic traffic also ensures that your website has a higher ranking than before.

Blogs that provide educational and helpful information also help in attracting new leads, which are not yet interested in your product or services, but are learning about it, and maybe interested in the future.

Helps in Ranking

Keyword research will give you a detailed idea about which keywords are ranking, which are highly competitive, and which can be used for your website. An SEO campaign must be backed by a strategy and for building an effective strategy, one needs to know which keywords will work for a website. Sometimes, you might want to target a low competition keyword to ensure that whoever searches for that keyword – regardless of the number – finds your website at the beginning.

But apart from helping in how you are ranking, it also is important for ranking in general. A search engine cannot rank your website or your blog unless it is incorporated with relevant key terms – that follow protocols set by the search engine.


Keyword research is not a one-time thing that will last for a while. It is an ongoing process because your audience is evolving at a fast speed and so are their requirements and needs. Innovation is an SEO agency that provides full-fledged SEO services that help in boosting your website’s visibility, with comprehensive keyword research and content optimization.

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How Long-Form Content Helps Your Website Rank Higher in The SERP

You must be in the notion that nobody wants to read a lengthy content of 5 pages. However, it is high time that you come out of this notion. There is proper evidence about the enhanced readability of these extended contents and the ranks and conversions it gets.

There are many people who, despite using the necessary keywords, are not being able to draw the required amount of traffic to their websites. If you belong to this same group, consider strengthening your website by adding more long-form content. When you add long-form content to your website, it makes your audience consider you as an expert in your field.

As a result, this enhances the likelihood of your content being shared more, thus increasing engagement. Further, long-form content also increases the rankings on your search engine results page. You will be viewed as an authority in the respective subject to your audience. Therefore, all these add to the benefit of your website and enhance its brand awareness.

So, if any leading PPC agency takes care of your website, ask him to create more long-form content for your website. But, before we discuss the benefits that you can gain from long-form content, let’s dive deep into its basics.

What is Long-Form Content?

Although there is no prescribed number of words that should constitute the length of long-form content, according to the experts of Forbes, the word count of long-form content should range between 1200 – 2000 words.
However, there is a different perspective of long-form content presented by Tony DeGennaro. According to DeGennaro, the content that is created should have analyzed the concerned topic on a deeper scale than focusing on its length or word count. From this analysis of DeGennaro, it can be clearly stated that long-form content should aim at solving nearly all queries that a reader has regarding that piece of content. In short, the content should cover the topic comprehensively.

Again, Casey Hill of Bonjoro has presented a different perspective of the long-form content. The phrase that she used for long-form content is ‘dwell time.’ This means the reader spends time-consuming the content of a web page. Further, she also specifies that the long-form content should be anything more than 1500 words.

Benefits of Long-Form Content

Although there are no hard and fast rules governing the word count of long-form content, online marketers are aware of the value these long-form contents add to the website. So, let’s get into the benefits that you can enjoy from the long-form content without further delay. Better search engine rankings

In 2019, Casey Hill pointed out that the algorithm of Google chose to prioritize long-form content. It has been noted by several organizations that well-formatted long-form content has 5% – 10% placement prioritization in comparison to short-form content.

One of the important reasons for using long-form keywords is that you can craft long content with all the necessary long-tail keywords. Furthermore, these long-tail keywords tend to match the search engine queries. As a result, your content is regarded as high-quality and provides the necessary information that the people are looking for.
Besides, the semantic completeness that the long-form contents provide helps the audience with a comprehensive view of knowledge on the concerned topic. The more comprehensive content is, the more likely it is to get a better rank by the search engines.

Enhance Social Shares

The Search Engine Land has repeatedly proved that long-form content has surpassed short-form content and stood gloriously in social shares. In a study of Quick Sprout, it has been noticed that posts with more than 1500 words received more shares in social media than those with fewer words. For enhanced social media engagement, you need new readers and the site’s growth.

Establish an Authority of Your Website

When you provide high-quality content on your site, you are hitting on the credibility of your brand or business. The more the credibility of your brand is enhanced, the more your brand is established as an authority in your industry. This can lead to better brand recognition and enhance online sales.

Improved Conversion

According to the study of Forbes, it has been noted that several companies were able to enhance their rates of conversions significantly. This was made possible by them with the presence of long-form content. When you provide long-form content, you are presenting a comprehensive view of the topic. This will help the readers clearly understand the topic in-depth.

Longer Engagement of Visitors

Posting content that is rich in information and worthy of being read can attract more visitors to your website. Also, when visitors are enriched with such informative content, they are likely to come back to your site repeatedly. This is a critical point in terms of SERPs as Google will check the time spent by the visitors on your website. Also, if Google finds that your site can yield the kind of information that your visitors are looking forward to, your site has a chance of getting better rankings.

More Backlinks

Another benefit of long-form content is the high rate of backlinks that it can achieve. The higher the number of backlinks that a site can gain, the more organic traffic it can enjoy. For gathering more backlinks, the content should be able to grab the attention of the link creators and consider them valuable enough to use them as background information. On the contrary, shorter contents provide less information. As a result, there is less or no scope for adding backlinks. On the other hand, content that takes a deeper analysis of the subject matter imparts a better scope for generating backlinks.


Therefore, long-form content can be the driving force behind generating more traffic. However, a mix of long-form and short-form content is required to ensure that visitors return to your website. To understand the ratio of combining long-form and short-form content, you can hire a reliable PPC agency.

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5 Best Versatile WordPress Themes Name

WordPress has made our lives easier in more ways than one. Frankly speaking, with the use of WordPress, you do not need to hanker after a website designing company to get your website developed or blogs published. However, you can do the needful on your own or just take the help of a good website design company. But before you do contact them, here is a quick glance at the best 5 WordPress themes that you must be aware of:


Divi is a WordPress theme and a visual page builder and is the most widely used in the world. Divi is not only a theme, but it is great for building a framework for a website. When you use Divi, it simply works beautifully and independently without touching a single line of code. It does not even install or configure dozen of disjointed plugins.


As a theme, you would be more than glad to use it. Ultra now comes with design skins and pre-made demo sites that make your work easier by giving you a preview of what you are about to learn, see and work upon. Most of the time, WordPress Development Services include Ultra as a top preference over the rest. The design skin transforms the design appearance of the website and gives it a total renovation.


The best website development company would any day use Seedpod for building a landing page of a website any day. It is easy to use and implement to build easy to high-end webpages. All you need to do is to use the ‘drag and drop’ option, and voila, you will have a new and stunning design in only a few minutes.


This is the fastest, most flexible, and free WordPress theme. Not only does it have unique features, but it also offers numerous options for customizations that will assist in building a store without any tedious effort. By using Astra, you can make an amazing look for your brand.


OceanWP is worthy of your praise. It has bagged the limelight because it is developer-friendly, beginner-friendly gives you easy and instant customization options, versatile and complete. If you want the web design and development company to give you a website with no limits, no loopholes, and no glitches, and then suggest they use OceanWP.

Discuss well with the web design and development company which WordPress theme would be suitable for them to use and you to understand. It is always better to be aware of what you are venturing into than to be absolutely blank about it. Any top website development company will render its best services. Being on your guard and honing some primary knowledge about these themes will help you discuss matters better with the service provider. Moreover, you can do your own research and see what would suit your needs better. Therefore, keep this blog handy, and the information about the WordPress themes close, just in case you need them.

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Tips to Start eCommerce Business with Low Budget in 2022

Setting up an online eCommerce Business is not like walking in the park. There are lots of details that one needs to consider. Starting from looking at business plans, target audience, deciding products, choosing the right eCommerce platform, or others. Each detail needs consideration and effort for in-depth research, especially when you are focusing on a budget in 2022.

If you are also planning to build an online platform but are concerned about budget. You are at the right place. Read till the end and get the best solution for your needs.

Build a Business Plan and Model

A good plan is a foundation for any business’s success. But if you have a shaky foundation, surely your business empire will crumble even before it is built. Therefore, set your business vision and break it into various short-term goals. The accumulation of short-term goals lets you win overall business objectives.

To learn more about business objectives, you can check out various case studies, news, and the best eCommerce practices. Set a timeline for each goal completion.

Once you have done all these steps, it’s time to study the market and your target audience. So, study the product that you want to sell, your expected margin, market trend, audience income, then go with the plan. For instance, if you are into daily need items, set a reasonable price that the customer can go with the repeated purchases. But, if you are selling any luxury item, you can set a higher price based on the target audience and market.

Before embarking on a business idea, having a solid plan can save your hard-earned money. In a nutshell, conducting Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat (SWOT) analysis lets you design Plan B for every A plan.

Decide What Product You Want to Sell

● Your product choice is an important determinant for your business’s success or failure. Hence choose well!!
● You may face two choices while deciding on a product – trending products or specific niche-based products.
● Tending products involve products that are in high demand like fashionable jewelry, dresses, suits, sandals, flash drives, toys, clubs, headphones are trending.
● Go by niche products, industry, or customer base if you like. Think about something you are passionate about. These can be scuba gear, scanners, camera lenses, or more!!!

A Little bit of creativity can work wonders for your business success, so sell what you like to go by. Most importantly, every industry, product, or customer has some issues. Try to step into their shoes and help them with your ultimate eCommerce business.

Set Up an Ecommerce Store

Your e-commerce platform will be the base on which you will build and develop your online store.

Most e-commerce platforms let you customize your design, add your domain (or buy one), manage inventory, take and ship orders, accept payments, and more.

Although there are hundreds of these platforms on the market, you might want to start your e-commerce business. But so many choices sometimes can confuse anyone, or one may make a wrong decision. So, here we have some popular options:


Without a doubt, Shopify is a well-known and popular e-commerce software. It provides an all-in-one and user-friendly solution with various add-ons. It is available for free as well as underpaid plans. If you go with the free option, certainly you will need to sacrifice many features and functions.

image 1

But Shopify subscriptions are available in four different plans, starting at $9 per month for Shopify Lite (not including a complete online store) and other premium options. Don’t worry if you are still fretting; a Professional Shopify web development company can help you set your online store quickly. You can build an online store in a few steps.


If you already have a site on WordPress and are familiar with it, you can use the WooCommerce plug-in and start selling. This plug-in is open-source, free to download, and comes with a comprehensive set of e-commerce features.

image 2

But, unless you have some coding knowledge, you may need to struggle with this online store while building the way you want to see the WooCommerce store.


Squarespace, the website builder, is the best-known platform due to its modern templates. It looks like an incredible platform, with great marketing and SEO integration. The platform is also mobile responsive design for websites. Therefore without worrying about separate sites or design, you can go with it.

image 3

The capable e-commerce platform offers two eCommerce-specific plans: Basic for $26 per month and Advanced for $40 per month. So, you can choose any plan. Just remember, navigation for editing the sites can be difficult. You may need professional assistance here.


Magento gives you complete control over every aspect of your online store, the open-source version of Magento might be the best way to go. You can customize every element on your site. But for this, you’ll need technical knowledge. There are around 120 themes available on Magento Theme Marketplace, but if you want to pick a quality theme, you may need to pay between $50 to $150.

image 4

The platform allows zoomable images, upselling and cross-selling, related products, wish lists, quantity discounts, re-orders product reviews, and more!!

You Don’t Need to Hire A-Team

It may sound awkward that you do not need to hire a team. But believe me, if you are using an automated order management system like Shopify plus, you don’t have to go by a large team. From updating stock in the system to managing orders, everything is done by your eCommerce platform. Hence, you can save a big chunk of money on hiring employees.

Whereas, if you need staff to click product pictures, handle your social media, and write product descriptions, you can outsource activities to freelancers.

Reduce Business Costs

Businesses spend huge expenses on branding and designing a logo. But these can be created for various free tools and programs available online. Canva can create banners, design a logo, or other graphics. The free version works as a great substitute for Photoshop.

If you need high-resolution images for your blog posts or ads for websites, Unsplash or Pixabay can be the perfect choice for your online business.


Hence you have learned about how to start an eCommerce business with a little capital. Now it’s your turn to focus on your plan and start building a website. Before that, do not forget to create a layout of your business plans, decide on a product, set up an eCommerce store, look for alternatives other than hiring a full-time employee for irregular tasks. You can find many alternatives to reduce overheads by paying more attention to various costs.

Bear in mind, if you are not aware of how to build an eCommerce store, do not hesitate to hire a professional Shopify plus development company. Experts can complete the task in minutes, which may take longer for you to learn about the platform and work on its improvement.

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The Most Effective Method to Pick a Reasonable Website Design Company -That Offers Exclusive Services!

It has been noted that almost 38% of users leave the site or stop engaging with it if they don’t find the layout attractive enough. Therefore, if you want to keep leads on your site, you have to invest in the design of your website. Also, in order to have a quality website, you need to pick a good website design company that will benefit you with its exclusive services.

Kolkata is a hub of developing website companies. Therefore, if you are stated in Kolkata and search for the best web design company in Kolkata, you have arrived at the ideal place. This article has been designed especially to guide you with the most effective method to land on the best website design company. So, if you want to discover more regarding the same, all you need to do is keep reading!

Tips on How to Pick an Ideal Website Development Company

Finding a perfect web design and development company is mandatory for a plethora of reasons. With a team of the best web designers at call, you don’t need to invest time in building your own website. You would not need to have enough experience in building a website because the website developers would easily create a website that stands out from the competition. They will also aid you with ways that help drive results with your website. This is why it is necessary to find the best web design company for your business.

Some of the ways that will help you with the same are listed below:

Fix a Budget for Your Website Design

If you want to benefit from the services of the best web development company in Kolkata, the primary step would be deciding how much you are ready to spend on your web design. The size of your budget will determine your web design level and from where you can get it.

Decide Your Preferred Type of Designer to Hire

The saturation of the web design industry allows us with a variety of options necessary to find the perfect fit for your project. The most common preferences in this case mainly include freelancers, design agencies, and full-service agencies. This factor is highly dependent on the budget you have fixed.

Pay Heed to Their Portfolios

After you have fixed the type of designer and you have tentative suggestions, you need to examine the portfolios of the website design company. Their experience in the industry will provide you with an insight into how well they can manage the task.

Check Their Client Testimonials

Client testimonials allow the users to get an insight into the company and the type of work they provide they do for the clients. Companies with dozens of client testimonials usually offer excellent service to their clients.

Check Out the Pricing

Before you finalize your choice for the best website development company in Kolkata, you must confirm their pricing. Budget is an essential part of the business. Thus, the website design company you choose needs to offer pricing that you can afford.


The website design is undoubtedly a crucial part of the business. Therefore, the assistance of a good web development company is mandatory for attracting leads to your page and keeping them engaged. They can quickly help you build an impactful website that drives more traffic for your business.

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How Much does it Cost to Build a New Website in Kolkata?

Any business owner planning to set up a new website first lands on the ubiquitous question that demands the cost involved in creating a website. Setting up a budget is undoubtedly one of the essential steps involved in building a website. It affects a lot of factors, including which website design company you will choose for handling your website. In case you are confused regarding what expenses your website is going to charge you, you have landed at the right place. This article will guide you with facts and figures on how much it costs to build a website.

In all honesty, it is definitely pretty hard to put a price tag on how much the whole process of building a website can cost you. This is because it primarily depends on your budget and goals or plans you have set for your business.

It is essential to keep the costs as low as possible in the beginning because a lot of website projects fail to exceed their planned budget. Therefore, you need to plan to keep everything else in concern, including the expense involved in hiring a web development company. Once you have clear insights regarding your website building plans, it’s time to plan the entire expense. However, as explained, the actual cost varies on what plans you have on hold for your website, as if it is for a small business, an e-commerce store, or an advanced website. As you can already understand, the total cost can vary widely as the need for a web design company can also differ.

Small Businesses

A simple website will do pretty well if it is for a small business. That way, the total expenditure can range from around $100 to $500. However, this cost can increase, provided you have bigger plans. If you are going for a custom-built website with the assistance of a website development company, it can cost up to $30,000 or even more.

In order to get started with your business, you will require a domain name and web hosting for your website. The cost of a domain generally starts from $14.99 per year, and for web hosting, it can range up to $7.99 per month. Provided these minimum ranges are combined, it will cost you $110.87 per year to build a website.


Advanced features need premium plugins, and therefore you might even require to shift to a more powerful web hosting service. This is because, over time, your website keeps growing, and consequently, the number of visitors increases steadily. Such premium plans offer features such as 30 GB web space, faster performance, staging, etc. Those advanced websites can easily handle over 100,000 visitors per month. The overall cost for creating an advanced site can range between $500 to $1000 per year. However, that too depends on how many plugins you use on your particular website. For an advanced website, you would surely need assistance from the best web design company.

E-commerce Stores

An e-commerce website needs a domain name and web hosting just like any other website. For the plugins, you can either use the free ones or the premium ones as per your choice. The overall cost of starting an e-commerce store is approximately up to $190 per year. However, this can increase if you use premium plugins and extensions.

Kolkata is a hub of industries that are currently blooming in this particular web design and development sector. However, as noted above, the cost involved in building a website is a general range that can vary upon your goals and budget. Therefore, if you desire to launch your website with the help of the best website design company in Kolkata, these estimates would work just fine for you.


If you were someone who had no idea about the cost of building a new website in Kolkata, this blog might have proved to be a gift for you. It has listed the generic price according to the current estimates of 2021. Therefore pick a website development company in Kolkata and get started with your website building.

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