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Updated at: March 26, 2024

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Do you feel that looking for your phone with sleepy eyes makes you just as weird as anyone else? Well, it doesn’t. Nowadays it has become an incredibly normal phenomenon. Honestly, this was not how life had been just a few decades ago. Since the birth of the internet, people have fallen head over heels in love with it. Its so many facilities have made it a necessity instead of a facility. 

The extensive use of the internet has led to digitalization. Thereby leading to the growth of digitalization in all walks of life. No matter if you want to sell online or want to portray your art through this platform, you can simply do it all. However, the first thing that an online presence requires is a platform. In the beginning phases, you may want to opt for a social media presence. However, in the long run, it is vital to have your very own and distinguished landing page or website.

Since websites are immensely important to a business, they often fall prey to data leaks or hack. These unforeseen issues can cause huge losses to the enterprise. This is why it is important to maintain a security checklist for your website. Innovination, the best web design and development company is at your service. It provides some basic tips that can help to keep a check on the safety of your website. These are as follows.

Periodically Updating the Status of Your Software:

Softwares are ever-changing and updating. Since the software is the backbone of the website, it can help in improving the various features of the same. Therefore, it is necessary to keep updating them and keeping them at par with the current trends of the market.

Using Secured Passwords and Frequently Changing Them:

The importance of having a robust password has been stressed time and again. Since passwords are the easiest to hack, it is important to frequently change your passwords. It is generally advisable to use a password that is a mix of special characters, numbers and alphabets in both lower and upper cases.

Conducting Regular Backups:

Website backups can be your best friend especially in times of need. Regular backup of your website can help in a quick resolution to many of your issues such as broken pages. However, only a handful bunch of businesses conduct periodic backups. Innovination, one of the best website development company simply suggests you conduct backups regularly.

Acquiring a Sturdy Malware Detector:

When the health of your online presence is considered, malware can be your worst enemy. However, you need not worry at all. Numerous software is available such as Quitters, Astra Security, etc that can help you detect and resolve your malware issues.

Being Mindful about Specific Permissions:

Managing an entire website can sometimes become hectic. Therefore, it is a natural tendency to allow permissions to various software which sometimes becomes a hurdle to website security. To curb this, you can simply use a content management system (CMS) to better manage your content without putting your site’s security at stake.

Acquire an SSL Certificate:

Innovination is the best web design company in Kolkata, highly recommends you to acquire an SSL certificate. Also known as Secure Sockets Layer, these certificates can contain sensitive data such as customer information, debit or credit card details, etc. They can immensely secure your website and help you safely store these details.

By using these simple tips, you can significantly improve your website performance and security. Thereby, shaking off all the legitimate worries with a soft blow.

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