Impact of Online Reviews Upon Your SEO

Updated at: March 26, 2024

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The development of the internet and social media platforms have made people take to it like moths to a flame! This has gradually increased the need to have a digital presence.

The world of the internet lives off of attention. Reviews are an effective tool on the social media platform. According to research, about 97 percent of people look up online reviews for practically all forms of businesses. This is one of the reasons that has led to the development of online marketing.

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A best digital marketing company can provide you will long term solutions that can spice up your SEO strategies. The company is adept with SEO strategies that can help you get your business as many pairs of eyes as you want to. This is why, Innovination is known as the best SEO agency in Kolkata by their niche.

However, the power of online reviews and SEO can only be optimised by merging their effects. This is why you need to apply both strategies at once. Nevertheless, the following points will aid in showing why.

Online Reviews are Essential for Local SEO

The key to a business’s growth is by ranking higher on the local SEO. This is because by ranking higher on the local SEO your business would receive increased local visibility.

There are three components on which local SEO ranking is based. These include distance, relevance and dominance. However, it can be altered with the help of content. Tools like Google’s Local Pack can aid in the maintenance of such statistics in order to optimize content.

Knowledge Panel can Easily Aid in Creating an Impression

Since reviews have become an extensively used tool, search engines such as Google have taken a step towards optimizing it. Nowadays, anyone can find your business on Google. They can also find reviews of your business and refer to your business’s presence on Yellow pages and Facebook. After this, your audience will simply be able to check out your knowledge panel on Google.

Knowledge panels usually appear alongside search results for any individual, business, etc. These panels generated by Google aid in providing information from Google business listings and other relevant sites. Along with name, address, contact information, and business hours the panel also provides a direct link to your business’s website. Furthermore it has a review section that consists of a culmination of reviews of your business on various sites.

Boost Your Click-Through Rate by Using Rich Snippets

The knowledge panel generally displays the star reviews only when local audiences rate your brand and your business has a higher local rating due to the aid of Local Pack. However, how will that help you to improve your organic search results? Well, the answer is simple. Rich snippets!

Rich snippets is a tool that allows you to showcase other components on a search engine for example prices, star reviews and images. To maintain your height on the local search result list, you need to insert attractive elements. Display of colorful stars, for instance, can significantly increase your click through rate.

Your Business Information is Leitimised by Online Reviews

You might be aware of the fact that search engines acquire data from other websites to ensure their genuinity and legitimacy. This information is beneficial for your brand in the long run. However, this information too is in the form of reviews. This is because search engines like Google usually crawl on review and listing sites such as Yellow pages, Product review and Yelp.

To optimize the results of your SEO content, you need to produce consistent and correct information across all the websites. Especially the basic details such as address, name, contact details, etc. Moreover you also need to set up your Google My Business account and feed in all the information there as well. These are known as citation signals and are essential for local SEO rankings.

These things sounding a little too confusing? Well, Innovination, the top digital marketing agency in Kolkata is here to your aid.

Online Reviews are a Form of Content

Content is an essential part of SEO and so is content marketing. About 60 percent of marketers believe in developing new content on a daily basis. User-generated reviews count as content too. You can also use these natural reviews in your social media platform posts, articles, vlogs and more. All such strategies can significantly improve your SEO and up your game. With the top seo company in kolkata, you can easily boost your returns by using effective  SEO.

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