The Importance of Keywords Research in SEO

It might be surprising to some people how everything they search on the internet comes up with relevant results, and for some, it is an everyday job to ensure that whatever their audience is looking for, the internet provides relevant answers or results. Any digital marketing agency will tell you that before starting an SEO campaign, researching keywords becomes the topmost priority.

Let’s See Why Keywords Research is Important in an SEO Campaign

Know Your Audience

You run a business, and it has grown over the years. But it’s not just your business that has been growing. Your audience has grown over the years also, and your requirements and tastes.

Keyword research gives you an idea of what your audiences of potential customers are looking for from your niche market. For example, years ago, a beauty enthusiast might not have been looking for the benefits and uses of niacinamide on the skin, but today they want to know how to add this ingredient to the skin.

You might be failing to stay updated and think your audience is still searching for the same old, same old, but with keyword research, you’d know the accurate details.

To Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Website

Using blogs where you can incorporate keywords is one of the greatest ways to drive relevant and organic traffic to your website. Having organic traffic also ensures that your website has a higher ranking than before.

Blogs that provide educational and helpful information also help in attracting new leads, which are not yet interested in your product or services, but are learning about it, and maybe interested in the future.

Helps in Ranking

Keyword research will give you a detailed idea about which keywords are ranking, which are highly competitive, and which can be used for your website. An SEO campaign must be backed by a strategy and for building an effective strategy, one needs to know which keywords will work for a website. Sometimes, you might want to target a low competition keyword to ensure that whoever searches for that keyword – regardless of the number – finds your website at the beginning.

But apart from helping in how you are ranking, it also is important for ranking in general. A search engine cannot rank your website or your blog unless it is incorporated with relevant key terms – that follow protocols set by the search engine.


Keyword research is not a one-time thing that will last for a while. It is an ongoing process because your audience is evolving at a fast speed and so are their requirements and needs. Innovation is an SEO agency that provides full-fledged SEO services that help in boosting your website’s visibility, with comprehensive keyword research and content optimization.

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Impact of Online Reviews Upon Your SEO

SEO agency in Kolkata

The development of the internet and social media platforms have made people take to it like moths to a flame! This has gradually increased the need to have a digital presence.

The world of the internet lives off of attention. Reviews are an effective tool on the social media platform. According to research, about 97 percent of people look up online reviews for practically all forms of businesses. This is one of the reasons that has led to the development of online marketing.

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A best digital marketing company can provide you will long term solutions that can spice up your SEO strategies. The company is adept with SEO strategies that can help you get your business as many pairs of eyes as you want to. This is why, Innovination is known as the best SEO agency in Kolkata by their niche.

However, the power of online reviews and SEO can only be optimised by merging their effects. This is why you need to apply both strategies at once. Nevertheless, the following points will aid in showing why.

Online Reviews are Essential for Local SEO

The key to a business’s growth is by ranking higher on the local SEO. This is because by ranking higher on the local SEO your business would receive increased local visibility.

There are three components on which local SEO ranking is based. These include distance, relevance and dominance. However, it can be altered with the help of content. Tools like Google’s Local Pack can aid in the maintenance of such statistics in order to optimize content.

Knowledge Panel can Easily Aid in Creating an Impression

Since reviews have become an extensively used tool, search engines such as Google have taken a step towards optimizing it. Nowadays, anyone can find your business on Google. They can also find reviews of your business and refer to your business’s presence on Yellow pages and Facebook. After this, your audience will simply be able to check out your knowledge panel on Google.

Knowledge panels usually appear alongside search results for any individual, business, etc. These panels generated by Google aid in providing information from Google business listings and other relevant sites. Along with name, address, contact information, and business hours the panel also provides a direct link to your business’s website. Furthermore it has a review section that consists of a culmination of reviews of your business on various sites.

Boost Your Click-Through Rate by Using Rich Snippets

The knowledge panel generally displays the star reviews only when local audiences rate your brand and your business has a higher local rating due to the aid of Local Pack. However, how will that help you to improve your organic search results? Well, the answer is simple. Rich snippets!

Rich snippets is a tool that allows you to showcase other components on a search engine for example prices, star reviews and images. To maintain your height on the local search result list, you need to insert attractive elements. Display of colorful stars, for instance, can significantly increase your click through rate.

Your Business Information is Leitimised by Online Reviews

You might be aware of the fact that search engines acquire data from other websites to ensure their genuinity and legitimacy. This information is beneficial for your brand in the long run. However, this information too is in the form of reviews. This is because search engines like Google usually crawl on review and listing sites such as Yellow pages, Product review and Yelp.

To optimize the results of your SEO content, you need to produce consistent and correct information across all the websites. Especially the basic details such as address, name, contact details, etc. Moreover you also need to set up your Google My Business account and feed in all the information there as well. These are known as citation signals and are essential for local SEO rankings.

These things sounding a little too confusing? Well, Innovination, the top digital marketing agency in Kolkata is here to your aid.

Online Reviews are a Form of Content

Content is an essential part of SEO and so is content marketing. About 60 percent of marketers believe in developing new content on a daily basis. User-generated reviews count as content too. You can also use these natural reviews in your social media platform posts, articles, vlogs and more. All such strategies can significantly improve your SEO and up your game. With the top seo company in kolkata, you can easily boost your returns by using effective  SEO.

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How PPC Marketing can Help Achieve Your Goals Faster in 2021

Online Marketing, a common oddity for every brand and a new ingredient of marketing. Others may use the word like web-based showcasing, Internet promoting, advanced promoting, or web promoting, all of these are just a way to promote and publicize a brand via the internet.

Advertisements through internet platforms consist of emails showcasing, Internet media promotion, etc. Web-based promoting incorporates a distributor, the person who takes notice into its online medium; and a promoter, the person who makes the ads to be shown on the distributor’s medium. The advertisement worker basically transports the ad and then calculates, and the proving partners who do several works for the promoter.

Why PPC Ads?

Now, PPC or pay-per-click is a web-based advertisement where the advertiser pays every single time when one of their advertisements is clicked.

For example, suppose you have an E-commerce website for selling Women shoes but your website is relatively new and doesn’t have a lot of organic traffic from Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc.

It might take months or even years before you can start seeing traffic organically and you are not willing to wait that long to drive sales. Solution? You can run a PPC ad campaign wherein people looking to buy Women shoes will see your ad at the top of the page, they can click on your ad and land on your website, now it is up to your website to catch the attention of the visitor and convert him into a paying customer. See the example below of how a PPC ad looks like.


Choose Effective Keywords

The keyword research for PPC is drawing and time-consuming but this fact does not hide its significance, the whole PPC phenomena revolve around catchphrases or keywords. You need to find relevant keywords within your industry with high search volume, and matching your buyer’s intent.

For example if someone is searching for “Women shoes” then they may be just researching about the kind of shoes that are available in the market but they are not yet ready to make a purchase, so there is no point in showing advertisement to them. But if they are searching for “Buy women shoes” then its pretty clear that they have done their research and are ready to make a purchase and it makes sense to show your ad now and get them to your website.

That is why choosing the right keyword is of the highest importance.

Running a PPC campaign might seem very easy but one thing you have to keep in your mind before creating your ad, if this is your first time running a PPC campaign then don’t do it yourself. Get help from any well-known PPC agency including Innovination who can professionally handle your advertisement, because if you do not create your ad properly and end up choosing the wrong keywords, then you will probably end up spending more money on failed ad campaigns that you could have saved if you had hired someone who knows what they are doing.

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New SEO Technique Can Empower Your Business in 2021

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most credible and constructive way to bring positive traffic to your website. Companies need SEO to improve their ranking in search engines. SEO is used to target an audience that is not directly buying or getting anything. These types of searches are driven by various types of searches, for example, picture search, video search, scholastic hunt, news search, and industry-explicit vertical web crawlers. In internet words, SEO contemplates how the web crawler works. The PC modified calculations that drive the web index; what a person is searching for, some main phrases or compound phrases, these things compose a web index; in which, search engine tools are focused on most used or searched parts.

Process of Increasing Your Website Traffic

In nomad terms, SEO is used to generate traffic which will improve the website’s global ranking on the web.

Content created and website admits started improving their sites for search engines, in the early era of website index. In the starting, the admins basically just showed the page or its URL to verify search engines, in this web crawler tracks the page and removes any other pages attached to it and this will generate profit by making the page be discovered by people. In this process, an internet bug is downloaded and implemented in engines. So that while searching it will show you the results it wants. There is a program named indexer, which individualizes the data from the page, such as the content it has and where it could be found and keywords; mainly all the connections a page can make to searches.

Search engine optimization has a variety of parts in it and a deep understanding of them is crucial in order for anyone to understand the importance of SEO. In simple words, it is important for the reason because it makes your site visible to people, that generates traffic which makes potential buys to main buyers. Or you can say that SEO is used so that your brand is more easily available to everyone. The fundamental aspect of SEO is permeability, which means your position in work website ranking. The better the SEO the higher your website ranking will be.

If you are searching for any SEO Company in Kolkata to know more about SEO and digital marketing or want to hire any agency to do the SEO for your business you can contact us, click the below link, and drop your inquiry, we will reach you shortly.

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Content Marketing A Way to Increase Your Horizon in 2021

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? Creating and posting content for your customers related to the products and services that you offer. As the importance of the internet increases day by day; the need for quality and new content is also increasing. Now, it is considered a crucial and essential thing for any marketing scheme.

It does not matter what type of business you have or what is the size of your business, you can always find content marketing as a way for expansion. It has the main stamina of increasing your market visibility which will result in an increased success rate. If you are also thinking of increasing your social presence through content marketing then doesn’t hesitate and just go for it. For these types of services, you can always take help from a professional SEO company in Kolkata like Innovination.

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Now, Let’s Talk About Its Importance:-

  • It will increase your social presence
  • It will help you promote your company
  • A way to connect directly with your target audience
  • Present your brand to the masses which help your brand get good goodwill
  • It will generate people interest in your brand

Remember the key to drive traffic to your website is to post quality content. So, keep in mind the points below in-order to produce the best valuable content for marketing.

  • You need to know who your target audience is.
  • Always look out for problem in the current content and look for ways to solve it
  • Now, impellent the solution you have derived on for the problem you thought is there
  • Always keeping things transparent means not hiding the details of the product; like which group the product serves, its purpose, its design, it’s working and the results one can achieve.

Different Types of Content Marketing You can Do for Your Brand:-

Blogging: – Blogging is all about how you portray your service through blogging; and keep in mind it is not just a way of expressing things.  Keeping your thoughts well kept and alien to keep point information so you won’t blabber, its form of content marketing is easy for the audience to digest. It takes less money and increases your SEO optimization.

Videos: – Video is a very good option for content marketing. They increase sales and grab more attention than text or audio because here you just have to watch. They take less time and effort but deliver more information. Hence, videos being the audiences’ main preference. 

Memes and GIFs: – Everyone likes to laugh so it is the best way to convince our audience. Takes less time and needs the humour to convey it. Memes and gifs grab attention through their joke, satire, or 2-second animation, leaving a long-lasting impression on the audience.

Social Media Posts: – It is the most common way of content marketing. Almost every company is doing this. We all know social media takes on masses and coverall age groups who take even the slightest interest in the product. For social media posts, consistency, creativeness and targeting the right audience is important.

E-Books: – These types of books are good to give a positive description of your product or services or about your company. But the main point here is that it should be at least of a length where it covers deep knowledge of everything related to your services or company.

If you want to contact any professional SEO company, we suggest must try Innovination. We maintain professionalism and help to increase your business visibility. For more details click the below link and drop your enquiry, we will reach you shortly.

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Importance of 20th Century Email Marketing in 2021

20th Century and Marketing

Every business depends on one principal factor, that is, are your products and services meeting their expectations or not?

Marketing is fruitful for every business, which every business needs to keep aware of and which keep the organization going. Every brand needs to connect with its customers; to let them know more about the brand, its sustainability and its advantages. And To create brand awareness and connect with its customers.

With the commencement of the internet, internet media and digital marketing grew. And the earliest digital marketing strategy is email marketing. Email marketing is also a way for the rise of social media, as we know; we need our email ids to get access to each type of social media platform. It is the principal pilot of every internet application.
Now, there are so many types of email used in internet marketing, as personalized, dismembered, and consensus campaigns marketing.

Email Marketing

In our century everyone needs or has an email address, now, companies require every customer to sign up for email marketing. Companies now send them a promotional email gifting them some kind of voucher or free benefits, or sending them a small letter explaining all the services in detail and explaining the recent changes happening in the company, all the main messages sent by the company are part of email marketing.

Although email marketing is old, it does not mean that it lost its importance and uniqueness. It is the most reliable and effective technique. The unique aspect of email marketing is that now companies use email marketing as a way of providing additional benefits like on customer’s birthday or their anniversary; which generate sales and improve the company’s public relations. As a brand sends postcards or special discounts to their customers through email, it makes them feel special which makes the customer feel like the brand cares for them

1: How Effective

For online shopping websites, email marketing is the main form of marketing. Otherwise, how will they spread their message to the masses? Not only this, if a customer leaves the cart abandoned (due to whatever reasons) and does not come back to purchase it. The company can send a gentle reminder reminding them about the cart.

The companies that have social media marketing going can get a big help from email marketing also. For example, a company posts an advertisement on social media. After the posting, the company does not know whether the customer has seen it or not or they can use email marketing to get feedback, so the brand knows public opinion.

2: Marketing Cost

Email marketing is pocket friendly but it also has its setbacks. The main setback is your mail going under the category or spam or junk, simply because the content is creative and interesting. Hence, being a waste of time and energy
Now some companies are building in-house email marketing, but it is recommendable to outsource it and for you to just simply focus on your main brand and its work. For email marketing services you can hire a digital marketing agency in Kolkata that has good repo and prices in the market.

3: How to Do –

For marketing services, it is recommendable to take on a company that understands the main points behind email marketing and don’t do email marketing just for the sake of it. You should choose Innovination that gives you their time and has a dedication to email marketing schemes.

Email marketing is essential for brand image. It is your fundamental duty to choose carefully which company should serve you for your email marketing schemes. And don’t worry there are so many companies available, who provide top-notch services and are quite reliable too.

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7 Activity Keep in Mind While Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency 2021

Digital marketing is a vast domain. It has many faces, these faces are known as strategies to plan the targets, connection and then assembling association with your customers on media through different media channels. Entrepreneurs can take a huge leap in their advertisements qualities and turn them into an advantage through the correct usage of digital media marketing; a vast area that requires planned strategies, plans and web tools.

Taking into context the vast field of digital marketing, it is not a bad idea to outsource these services. But taking an understanding of what digital media companies offer is not a bad idea.

Digital Marketing Comprises of the Following Strategies:-

●       Content Marketing

●       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

●       Video Marketing

●       Versatile Marketing

●       Web-based Advertising (PPC)

●       Email Marketing

●       Online Media Marketing

Many companies outsource digital marketing services based on their knowledge and understanding of computer and internet-based devices tools. Also as digital marketing companies work mainly through social media platforms they know more about online trends and different types of digital media campaigns.

The fundamental of digital marketing organization is to drive organic traffic to their client’s business websites. These organizations have a team of experts that has years of expertise in showcasing business. These people know and are familiar with inbound promotions, client excursions, and full knowledge of searcher search calculations. All in all, working with an online marketing company, will increase organic traffic for your website.

These organizations take less money, will create leads to good quality (means potential customers turning into permanent buyers). These companies read your business in-depth, will understand your goals and eventually showcase your business and its campaigns optimally. For icing on the cake, they have a full graduate degree in showcasing strategies (in trend, new and coming).

The Importance of Hiring a Digital Marketing Company:- 

  • They will notice your errors way more easily than you.
  • They are the masters of their domain. A successful campaign is what we all want so for a successful marketing campaign and eradicate any errors outsourcing is good, otherwise, everything will turn into waste.
  • They help you in many areas of digital marketing, such as website architecture, SEO, advertising, email promoting, and online media showcasing.
  • They will fill you where you lack skills.
  • Know the latest tools and designs
  • Have the skills to spread awareness and target the right audience.

Before going to outsource digital marketing services, companies need to know what they and what their targets are with running a marketing campaign. Another advice is to check every competitive company for their price and facilities before settling on one.

If you want to contact with us, click the below link and drop your enquiry, we will reach you shortly.

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