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Mic to speaker

About customer

This mobile app was our own in-house project


We came up with the idea of this app when we were at an event and the mic suddenly stopped working. We thought that since everyone has a phone with them these days, why we can’t turn our phone into a microphone to make announcements.

Even though there were a lot of apps available in the play store at the time this app was developed but we thought of developing something with better UI/UX and also Ad Free.


We developed an application to instantly start making announcements from your phone whether the phone is connected by Bluetooth or AUX cable.

The app was an instant hit as there were no ads and the app was able to fulfill the expectations of the user. Within a few months the app was downloaded over 200K times without spending any money or time on advertisements. The downloads were totally organic and we received great reviews and appreciation from our users.

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