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About customer

The company was started by a couple who were both into jobs at senior positions in MNCs.

They had a vision to solve the problem of many parents who have to stand in queue for hours to collect the school supplies for their kids every time a new school sessions starts.


The challenge was that the parents may make a lot of errors while purchasing as they might not be sure of the subjects, syllabus, etc. of their kids which would become a huge hassle for them down the line.

They wanted to make sure that the parents buy the school prescribed products and not make any error. This was only possible if we have the details of all their kids pre loaded in the system and all the products mapped properly for their kids.


Team Innovination developed a platform where we mapped all the student details with their parents and made sure that all the products were mapped properly with their respective classes and streams.

The User experience was designed in such a way that the parents after login only need to check the optional products that they want to buy and go straight for the checkout making the whole user experience like a breeze. We made sure that the parents do not have to spend more than 2 minutes on the website and checkout with their required goods.