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Reasons and Rewards

  • Reduce and control operating costs of your company.
  • Improve your own company's focus.
  • Gain access to exceptional capabilities of others who specialize in respective their fields.
  • Utilize internal resources for other purposes they have been hired for.
  • Maximize restructuring benefits.
  • Get access to the latest technology.
  • Get high quality staff in the blink of an eye.
  • Secure jobs and reduce burnout for your regular employees.

Why Us ?

expert engineers

We have an exceptional team of highly experienced IT professionals to support all your requirements.

Robust support

Our professionally skilled knowledge based team is capable of recommending and applying proven solutions to help solve your issues.

Domain grasp

We as a team pride ourselves on delivering desired output as a result of unprecedented command over our forte.

Agile methodology

We strive at seeking alternatives to conventional project handing. Experience an interactive software development technique where requirements evolve through collaboration between our tech team and our customer to align with the best end-result.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you the solutions to the questions which frequently arise in your mind.

What is IT Resourcing?

Our IT Resourcing service can provide you with a pool of expert technical resources that will compliment your existing in-house team and provide you with a full-time support on an outsourced basis. These resources can be hired on a ‘pay as you need’ basis, to handle unexpected crisis at your workplace. The services that we presently offer are:

  • Administration of servers.
  • Software maintenance and support.
  • Software development.
  • Business analysis.
  • Software testing.
  • Technical services.
  • System Administration.

Where would the resource be located?

hat would depend on the specifics of requirement. We would be content to send our teams over to your premise. Alternatively our teams could also work for you from our offices and utilise our very own secured and safe infrastructure.

I have a very specific technical requirement. Can you help me?

Yes. Our tremendously qualified technical resource has worked across a wide variety of customer scenarios and industries using an extensive range of software technologies. Contact us for a discussion with regards to your requirements..

Do you provide cost-effective services?

Yes. If you were to outsource your requirements to Innovination, you would be saving more than 40-50% of your operating costs. Although services are economical, we do not compromise on quality. Outsource now and get access to quality solutions while cutting down costs.

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