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About the Client

Nirmal Group was established in 1971 by Mr. Ram Autar Sharaf with Rs. 1 million. Now, it has grown to an enterprise of $70 million and one of the leading manufacturers of Gl Wires, Conductors, Hot Rolled products and construction steel. Nirmal Group has more than 500 employees in 7 facilities and 2 offices across 5 locations around the world. The number of customers from different industries is more than 2000. Since the establishment, the company has expanded to over 40 products.

It has the capability of processing more than 1, 00,000 MT steel per year as per the Green and Sustainable standards. In 2014, Nirmal Group installed the world’s most advanced and smart technology in the manufacturing of Gl wires which resulted in a 200% growth in the annual turnover. The future vision of the group is to become a billion-dollar company by focusing on the production of market-oriented products as per consumer demand.

The Challenge

Digital Marketing has become the key to market success as it helps in converting online visitors into paying customers. A group of potential online customers is crucial for business growth. The two biggest challenges faced by every company are poor visibility and low ranking on the Internet.

Poor Visibility: Due to the high number of competitors, the online visibility of Nirmal Group was not good initially. This was causing very slow growth in the online traffic which was indirectly affecting the sales. Online visibility is an essential component to gain market success.

Low ranking: Apart from good online visibility, top ranking is needed for search results. Nirmal Group was not ranked well for local keywords such as aluminum conductor, shutter spring wire, electrical stay wire, and many more products manufactured. A similar scenario was observed for many regional queries. Poor ranking in online search results had a bad impact on company revenue and profit.

The Solution

Innovination services for Digital Marketing and SEO proved to be the solution to all the problems. Innovination team implements all the stages from planning to execution with an organized approach as per the actual market needs. Nirmal Group saw a transformational growth in business due to the strategies of Innovination. Some of the majorsuccess are:

Search Engine Optimization: It is the most vital aspect of online marketing. Innovination has worked on many strategies to improve the online visibility of Nirmal group and gain more website traffic which helped in the growth of sales. There was low visibility previously but after Innovination did work on SEO the visibility got increased and the purpose was solved. After SEO is done, the data of website is analyzed and a research is being conducted on keywords. Value rich and long content is produced. Thereafter optimization is conducted for on-page SEO and off=page SEO. Afterwards, the optimization of website is done for mobile. As a result the pages are speeded up and the site is loaded very fast. The site also gets quality backlinks which adds up more to the efficiency.

With quality SEO practices, when a person searches for a keyword so there is a better chance of finding an article and in turn the brand’s name is made popular. With this particular solution i.e. SEO optimization the brand name of “Nirmal Group” was enhanced and made recognizable in the market. This is the power of SEO which makes the visibility enhanced and improves the frequency of relevant articles being search on the basis of keywords which are optimized for the reason.

The Outcome

Innovination delivered many high-quality solutions to Nirmal Group and helped it gain market success and accelerate the growth rate. The target keywords for improving the ranking in the Google search results are:

  • aluminum conductor
  • shutter spring wire
  • electrical stray wire
  • earth wire manufacturer

In addition to the above keywords, many more local keywords which resulted in a whopping increase in online traffic. Nirmal Group has now become a leader in its area of operations. It is serving a large number of customers by offering quality services. The future aim is to work in the direction of the socio-economic development of the country.

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