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About the Client

Aryan Heights is a prestigious residential location located in Shilaj, Ahmedabad. They provide 3 BHK quality accommodations for people of Ahmedabad. The developer ‘Abhik projects’ is a budding real estate firm whose primary aim is to create exquisite homes where people can live in convenience and tranquillity. Having an experience of more than two decades, Abhik projects has established many booming landmarks in the metropolis of Ahmedabad and has heightened the standard of living for the people searching for a home in the captivating city of Ahmedabad.

Challenges and solutions

Promoting and marketing real estate is certainly not a child’s play. You need accurate digital marketing and promoting techniques including Search Engine Optimisation to reach out to your target clients and audience and convert shopper visits into patron purchases.

Problem: Increasing competition

Because of the increasing competition and growth in the number of real estate sellers and dealers, gaining public attention and securing loyal buyers has become an extraordinarily challenging grind. The numbers are growing every single day. Standing out, therefore, has become a paramount stake to come under the spotlight and focus of the customers.

The solution

Innovination helped Aryan Heights to identify their strong points and determine their unique qualities. Via excessively progressive digital marketing techniques, we assisted them to focus on the first-time buyers and they got potentially profitable clients who added more value to their business.

Problem: Low inventory

When there is high competition and you have a lack of inventory in your holdings, then reaching out to more customers and clients becomes equivalent to climbing the peak of Mount Everest.

The solution

The perfect solution to this problem is strengthening your relationships with your past customers winning their loyalty and dependability. Innovaination assisted them in achieving the target by establishing successful communication with the customers and amplifying their marketing efforts.

The result

With the highly researched and properly executed Search Engine Optimisation techniques as well as digital marketing campaigns through the medium of social media websites like Instagram and Facebook, the number of customers that Aryan heights had after the digital marketing campaigns through innovation increased significantly.

Their website started gaining more visitors and customer enquiry is increased.

This accelerated their overall growth, ultimately bringing them to the top of the Google search results for comfortable and affordable accommodations in the city of Ahmedabad.

When we compared the data before the engagement of innovation in the website growth of Aryan Heights with that after the SEO Optimisation and digital marketing campaigns, so that there was a 15% rise in the overall website traffic that was drawn to their website.

Innovination was able to provide them with quality services that helped them to reach their real estate goals and elevate their ranking in the search results of the search engines.

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