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About customer

The project was started by a bunch of college students based out of Kolkata, India. They wanted to solve the problem of Chauffeurs not being readily available.

The basic idea was of bringing them to a platform from where customers can easily book them for certain hours. They wanted to ensure the experience of having well trained chauffeur at the doorstep of consumer is being maintained always.


The company had a vision to expand their service all across the country. But maintaining the reputation of providing quality chauffeurs was certainly a big challenge.

In this regard, costing played a big role. As per their business model, they badly needed a vendor who can develop and maintain their mobile and web application at an optimized cost. The balance between the cost and quality was something they were looking for.


Upon the confirmation of the project, team innovination had made an in-depth analysis to understand what needs to be done precisely.

As mentioned above, the challenge for us was the costing. Thus, we had a series of meeting with client, presenting them all if’s and but’s.

Then we came out with the framework mentioning the technology to be used, design elements, color combination, and more.

After we got approval for our ideas, the project was successfully delivered in just 2 months. The app got a phenomenal response from the users within a period of just 2-3 months.