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About customer

The client is a manufacturer of Kitchenware products and is one of the major players in Eastern India in this industry. The client has a huge network of authorized dealers who sells products of this company only.


The client had a huge network of dealers who bring orders from the sub dealers in the rural as well as urban parts of Eastern India. The company wanted a platform from where all its dealers can take orders and can take necessary steps to execute those orders.

The challenge was that the company had no control over the pricing policy as there was no single platform. The company was unable to take any report of its dealers. The dealers were bringing orders from sub-dealers. There was no central system through which company can get the details of payment, who has paid whose payment is due.

They required a central system to track whose payment is due precisely as a significant amount of outstanding was always there.


Team Innovination developed a platform from where the company can give access to its dealers to take orders, input the payments received and at the same time keeping the pricing under its own hands making sure that different dealers are not quoting different prices for the same product which was earlier destroying their reputation in the market.

Using the platform the company is also able to keep a track of the products that are being returned frequently and the products that have high complain rate so that they are able to maintain a proper quality standards and reputation in the market.

Now the company can keep an accurate overview of the inventory, sales, and payments of all its dealers and giving them proper warning if they are about to over bill a customer or if a customer has a long overdue of payments thereby ensuring that the business runs smoothly and with full transparency.

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