5 important points to remember while website designing

Website is your primary medium of showcase for your online viewers. Therefore, you need to be really careful with web designing as this represents your business.

Here, we will discuss some of the mistakes which are done unknowingly, or the points which or just ignored, which also contributes in the fall of traffic.

How much important are these points, while designing a website:

1. Easy Readability:

The interface design is very important, because, visitors to your website are looking for information, and it will be of no use if they are unable to read the text. So, it is highly recommended that the text should be of proper size and font which will make it easier to read.

Using offbeat or outlandish fonts just to maintain the style quotient may hamper the smooth reading. The information on your website is important, so enhancing the reading comfort for the visitors should the primary objective.

2. Organized Web content:

The content and the information on your website is among the elements that engages the viewers. This is the reason; the sequential structure of the content will play a pivotal role in the success of the site.

You have to deliver the information to your visitors promptly. One has to consider the fact that the viewers have to be engaged quickly as they might not have so much of time to hover about on your site.

Therefore, headings, sub-heading, bullets and paragraphs has to be used properly.

3. Easy Navigation:

The success of a website is appreciated when the navigation of the site is seamless. Buttons, tabs and internal links should take the visitor to the respective page.

The link, button or tab should be named and should take the visitor to the page where the information is there which the visitor seeks. So naming and description on them is also very important with respect to navigation. Internal links with unwanted stuff will only contribute in traffic drop.

Therefore, consistent navigation is a must for retaining traffic.

4. Consistent Interface Design:

To achieve that extra creative interface, sometimes different pages of the website go through very different make over or design, which in turn costs the consistency of the design.

It is very essential to maintain a consistent interface design making it easier for the visitors to relate to your site.

5. Complex Registration or feedback forms:

The registration form or the simple feedback form is meant to acquire some very basic details. Asking for unwanted trivial personal details might result in making the visitor leave your site when even half way through the registration or feedback form.

Tips to avoid the above mentioned problems:

Though the mistakes or problems mentioned earlier might not happen deliberately, but one should take deliberate steps to avoid them. Let us see some of the tips which would really help a lot in making a visit to your website an interesting experience for the visitors.

  • Readability: Instead of using offbeat fonts; using simple and legible fonts will enhance the readability. You may also consider referring to leading and popular websites to get some idea on better colour scheme and remove readability issues.
  • Organised Web Content: Separating or segregating the content with proper headings, sub-headings and bullets is highly recommended. Avoid clustering of content by maintaining adequate white-space in-between the text and images if any.
  • Navigation: The best way to enhance the navigation experience is to add text descriptions to every link. Images should always have alt text attribute. The alt attribute will help the visitors to know the message of the image if, the image happens to load slowly.
  • Interface design: Select or plan a consistent standard template designing for every page on your website. Go for simple templates so as to avoid user confusion.
  • Registration or feedback form: The registration form must be simple; asking for basic identity details or contacts, if required at all; like may be just the email ID or a contact number.

So, while making a website design, considering the above tips will surely, make a difference.

Stick to a simple and user friendly website design. This will contribute a lot in building a healthy website and bring in generous amount of consistent traffic.

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